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The World Congress on Extremist and Takfiri Movements in the Islamic Scholars’ view
Ex-Opposition Leader Admits Mistake about Syrian Gov't, Says Assad Fighting Terrorists
The persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria is heinous and totally unacceptable to any sane human being
the Foes Need to Take Concessions from You

Fourteen-year-old Mohammed Siyam Was Pronounced Dead

A Palestinian teenager has died from wounds he sustained during Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip this summer.

Supplication of Imam 'Ali Zaynu 'l-'Abidin (PBUH) for the People of the Frontiers

The holy Imam 'Ali Zaynu 'l-'Abidin is the Fourth Apostolic Imam. His epithet was Abu Muhammad and was popularly titled as "Zaynu'l-'Abidin"...

ISIS chief ‘wounded’ in air strike

The leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has reportedly been injured in airstrike in Iraq that targeted a convoy of military vehicles allegedly carrying a group of senior ISIS members.

Zionist Regime Environment Minister resigned in protest of Netanyahu's policies

Spokesman of Amir Peretz told AFP The text of his resignation letter on Sunday formally presented to Netanyahu.

UK politician suspended over 'anti-Israel' tweets

British parliamentary candidate for the Labor party, Vicki Kirby, asked why ISIL had not attacked Israel.

Egypt Brotherhood leader Badie to stand trial

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie is already standing trial in ten other cases in which he faces violence-related charges.
Malaysia Condemns ISIL Crimes in Syria
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak expressed his country’s condemnation of the savage crimes committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group, the last of which was beheading Syrian hostages and US hostage Peter Kassig.
Abbas to US students: Don't let Israel 'drive drunk'
Drawing parallels with the US fight for civil rights, President Mahmoud Abbas vowed to present a new timetable for peace talks with Israel when he addresses world leaders this week.
Congratulation of Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf to Palestinian Authority president
"On the occasion of the National Day of the State of Palestine I wish to convey to Your Excellency my best wishes for your health and happiness and for the prosperity of the people of the State of Palestine,"
“Takfiri and Extremist Moves” Congress to be held in coming day
"The Intl. congress of "Extremist and Takfiri Movements from Islamic Clerics' perspective" is an outstanding scientific occurrence,"
Former Malaysian PM blames US for ISIL's creation
A former Malaysian prime minister has held the United States responsible for the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), comparing it to the country’s alleged influence in the formation of the Taliban to fight Russia in Afghanistan.
Meshaal welcomes call to continue the resistance
Head of Hamas' Political Bureau Khalid Meshaal yesterday welcomed the call made by the Global Union for Muslim Scholars to continue the resistance until the liberation of Palestine.
Army: Israel troops kill 2 Palestinian suspects in teens murder
Israeli troops killed two Palestinians early Tuesday it had named as suspects in the June murder of three Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank, the army said.
Israel's Mossad launches new recruitment website
Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has launched a new website in hopes of recruiting potential agents.
Israeli courts renew administrative detention of four Palestinian MPs
For the second time, an Israeli military court has renewed the administrative detention of four Palestinian MPs affiliate with Hamas.
About 100 climate protesters arrested in march on Wall Street
About 100 protesters were arrested on Monday in New York City during a demonstration that at one point blocked streets near the stock exchange to denounce what organizers say is Wall Street's contribution to climate change.
20 killed in Boko Haram attack in N. Cameroon
At least 20 people have been killed in an attack by Boko Haram militants on a Cameroonian village near the Nigerian border, a security source has said.
Armed Houthi militants deployed on streets of Sanaa
The fresh deployments came only a few hours after the movement signed a deal with President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi late on Sunday aimed at ending weeks of tension in Sanaa.

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Ex-British PM Blair urges ground troops against ISIL

Ex-British PM Blair urges ground troops against ISIL

In a 6,500-word essay published on his Faith Foundation website, Tony Blair said that there was no way to defeat the ISIL without "a willingness to take casualties in carrying the fight through to the end."
Yemen's Houthis 'close' to reaching deal with government

Yemen's Houthis 'close' to reaching deal with government

The Houthis are close to finalizing a deal, but there are still some contentious issues that have yet to be resolved," leading Houthi member Mohamed al-Bekheiti told Anadolu Agency.


“Magnificence of the Quran” in Pakistan

“Magnificence of the Quran” in Pakistan

The yearly Azmat-e-Quran (The Magnificence of the Quran) gathering will be held on November 19 under the protection of Jamia Shamsul Quran Noorpur Thal, Punjab, Pakistan.
Gaza teams deactivate 3 tons of unexploded Israeli ordnance

Gaza teams deactivate 3 tons of unexploded Israeli ordnance

Police teams in southern Gaza have deactivated three tons of unexploded ordnance from Israel's recent military offensive on the besieged enclave, a statement said Monday.