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East Damascus hit by fiercest clashes in months
6,000 call on Irish gov’t to take action on Gaza
Gaza death toll tops 611 as Israel continues massacre
Israeli airstrikes hit 5 mosques, football stadium in Gaza
Israeli sniper kills young Palestinian looking for family in debris: Video

Egypt tightens grip on border with Gaza amid rising casualties

Egypt is refusing to open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip to allow injured Palestinians to seek treatment at Egyptian hospitals amid Israel's escalating military offensive against the besieged coastal enclave.

Palestinians in Israel clash with police over Gaza assault

Palestinian citizens of Israel clashed with police in the northern city of Nazareth on Monday, police said, at the end of a protest against Israel's deadly military strikes in the Gaza Strip.

Bethlehem shops close their doors in support of Gaza

Shops across the West Bank closed their doors on Monday in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, as Israel's assault has left over 550 dead since July 8.

Missing soldier presumed dead: Israel

The Israeli army says one of its soldiers has been lost in combat with Hamas forces in the blockaded Gaza Strip and is presumed dead.

Israeli army uses illegal flechette shells to kill Palestinians in Gaza

The Israeli military is reportedly using flechette shells in its offensive in Gaza, weapons described as illegal under “rules of humanitarian law” by human rights organization.

Seven more Israeli soldiers killed in aggression against Gaza

The Israeli military has announced that seven more soldiers have been killed during its aggression in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Palestinians march in funeral of 13 family members killed by Israel + Video

Palestinians have marched in the funeral procession of 13 members of one family who were killed in an Israeli barrage in Khan Younis, as Israel intensifies its aggression against civilians in the impoverished Gaza Strip.

Anti-Israel protesters gather outside White House

Anti-Israel protesters gathered Sunday outside the White House in Washington, DC, to express their anger at Israel’s deadly offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip which has killed over 500 Palestinians.
US Emergency Iftars Relieve Gaza Orphans
Showing a glimpse of Muslim generosity during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, three hundred donors and volunteers attended an emergency fundraising iftar dinner in Houston, Texas, raising approximately 5,000 in relief for Palestinian orphans.
Israel drops white phosphorus bombs on Gazans
Latest reports say Israeli aerial and ground forces are using white phosphorus bombs to pound several residential areas across the besieged Gaza Strip.
UNRWA running out of food, drugs for displaced Gazans
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) warns it is running out of food and medicine for a growing number of displaced people in the Gaza Strip fleeing an ongoing Israeli shelling of residential areas.
UNSC Disappoints Palestinians with No Resolution Adopted as Massacres Continue
The UN Security Council disappointed Palestinians after it was short of adopting a resolution against Israeli aggression and only expressed “serious concern” over the rising number of civilian fatalities in the Gaza Strip as the Zionist entity continued with its massacres in Gaza on Monday taking the Palestinian death toll above 500.
Clashes in Libya’s Benghazi kill 16, injure 81
Clashes between Libyan army troops and anti-government militia groups in the eastern city of Benghazi have left 16 people dead and 81 injured.
ISIL terrorists 'sell Syrian oil to Iraqi businessmen'
ISIL terrorists are selling oil and liquid gas products extracted from fields under its control in Syria to Iraqi businessmen across the border, an opposition Syrian group says.
Israel minister vows reoccupation of Gaza amid intl. outcry
Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz says the Tel Aviv regime has no plan to stop the ongoing aerial and ground military operations in besieged Gaza Strip.
Palestinian fighters kill 30 Zionist troops in 24 hours
Al-Qassam Brigades of the Palestinian resistance forces in Gaza have killed 30 Zionist forces in five separate operations within Gaza and the Israeli-occupied territories in the past 24 hours.
Israel rejects ceasefire proposal: Hamas
The Israeli regime has rejected a 3-hour humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip proposed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, a Hamas spokesman says.
Kuwait urges UN to stop Israeli killing civilians in Gaza Strip
Kuwait has urged UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to call on the international community to put an end to the Israeli dangerous aggression in the besieged enclave, as the Palestinian civilian death toll rises.
Palestinian fighters target another Israeli tank
Palestinian fighters say they have targeted another Israeli tank during the ongoing Israeli ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip.
Two more Israeli troopers killed in Gaza Strip
The Israeli military says two more Israeli servicemen have been killed during clashes with Palestinian resistance fighters in and around the besieged Palestinian enclave of Gaza Strip.
2 US citizens among Israelis killed in Gaza incursion
Two Zionist Americans serving in the Israeli military forces have been killed during the regime’s brutal onslaught against Palestinian residents of the besieged Gaza Strip, US officials and family members say.
1,000 rally in Denver to support Gaza
More than a thousand pro-Palestinian protesters have taken to the streets in the US Colorado state capital of Denver to condemn Israel’s ongoing onslaught against the Gaza Strip.
Egyptian military block activist aid convoy to Gaza
Egyptian soldiers in north Sinai prevented an aid convoy of activists from reaching the Rafah border crossing with the embattled Gaza Strip on Saturday, an AFP correspondent said.
6 Israeli killed on Saturday
Five Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza by Palestinian snipers.
Tunisia Orders Crackdown on Mosques
More than 60 Islamists linked to militants had also been arrested since the attacks on the army checkpoints.
AU chief urges end to Israeli strikes against Gaza
African Union Commission Chairperson expresses body's full support to Palestinians’ legitimate right to establish independent State.


US empire using murder vehicles of Boeing to oppress people: Iosbaker

US empire using murder vehicles of Boeing to oppress people: Iosbaker

The US empire is oppressing the people all over the world, using its “murder vehicles” manufactured by corporations such as the Boeing Company, an American anti-war activist says.
Israel seeking US entanglement in another war: Analyst

Israel seeking US entanglement in another war: Analyst

A political analyst says Israel is seeking to entangle the United States in yet another war in the Middle East.


FBI accused of abusing US Muslims: Human Rights Watch

FBI accused of abusing US Muslims: Human Rights Watch

An international human rights group has accused US law enforcement agencies of targeting American Muslims in abusive counterterrorism sting operations.
US protesters in New York slam police brutality

US protesters in New York slam police brutality

Many people in the US city of New York haven't stayed silent over police brutality after an African American man with asthma died last week when cops put him in a chokehold.
Child poverty rates on the increase in US: Report

Child poverty rates on the increase in US: Report

Child poverty rates in the United States have been on the rise since the early 2000s, according to an annual analysis by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.