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Israel halts talks with Palestinians over unity deal
200 Palestinians in Israeli jails go on hunger strike
Bahrain expels Sistani’s representative
Forty militants surrender to Syrian army near Homs
Egyptian court jails 19 anti-govt. protesters

Syria forces cursh armed intruders, nab 5 Somali women

Syrian military forces have inflicted crushing blows on foreign-backed insurgents in operations against intruding terrorists in Aleppo, Idleb, Daraa and Homs and arrested five undocumented Somali women hiding in a bus originating from Aleppo.

US to give Egypt $650 mn in cash, military aid

Washington has announced plans to move forward with releasing $650 million in its foreign aid funding of Egypt’s military-installed government as part of continuing American efforts to ease its partial aid suspension to Cairo following the 2013 overthrow of elected president Mohamed Morsi and ensuing brutal crackdown on his supporters.

Car Bomb Kills Eight in Central Iraq

A car bomb exploded at a police checkpoint south of Baghdad on Thursday, killing eight people, as Iraq struggles with daily violence ahead of an election next week.

Syrian Opposition Asks for More Saudi Aid

The head of Syria's main opposition group has asked Saudi Arabia to increase its support for the rebel Free Syrian Army, his advisor said Wednesday.

Syria terrorists losing last bastion in Homs

The foreign-backed terrorists in Syria have said that they would lose their last bastion in Homs Governorate within the coming days.

Al-Qaeda leader controls US hush-hush base in Libya: Analyst

A leader of an al-Qaeda-affiliated group has taken control of a secretive US training base near the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in order to hunt down militants, an analyst says.

Presidential poll sovereign issue: Syria

The Syrian government insists that its decision to hold a presidential election on schedule is an entirely sovereign issue, in which no foreign country is allowed to interfere.

Syria rejects new accusation of using chemical arms

Syria has categorically denied new accusations by the foreign-backed Syrian opposition that Damascus has used chemical arms in its fight against extremist militants in the country.
Clashes erupt in Jordanian city after death of youth
Clashes have erupted in the Jordanian city of Ma’an between protesters and security forces following the death of a young citizen during security operations.
Palestinians Rally in Umm Al-Faham in Protest at Mosque Arson
Hundreds of Palestinians from the 1948 occupied lands participated on Monday afternoon in a picket in Umm Al-Faham city to protest the recent arson attack by Jewish settlers on a Mosque.
UNSC Adopts Double Standards when Dealing with Israel
Arab League chief says UN Secretary Council adopts double standards when handling resolutions involving Zionist regime.
Quran’s Commandments on Environment Protection Are for All Humanity
The commandments of the holy Quran on the necessity of protecting the environment are not for Muslims only but for all humanity.
Israel must withdraw from occupied territories
The Arab Parliament called on Zionist regime to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories to achieve peace and stability in the region.
France to deter youths from joining Syria war
France wants to deter youths from fighting with foreign backed militant groups in Syria's civil war, and is planning a series of tough-love measures that answer the pleas of parents and seek to protect the nation from battle-hardened returnees.
Earth Day Network Cuts Ties with SodaStream
Earth Day Network cut ties with the Israeli settlement manufacturer SodaStream due to the company’s complicity in Israel’s military occupation.
Afghanistan election results delayed over fraud investigations
Afghanistan’s election commission has delayed the results of the April 5 presidential elections for two days because of fraud investigations, officials say.
US to resume military aid to Egypt
The Obama administration plans to resume some military assistance to Egypt and deliver 10 Apache helicopters after the military-backed government in Cairo upheld its peace treaty with Israel.
Syrian army advances in Old Homs, kills many militants
The Syrian troops have advanced in the central city of Homs, killing several militants there.
UK police to launch bid over Syria militants
Police in Britain are set to launch a new campaign appealing to women to prevent their loved ones from joining the militancy in Syria.
1000s behind bars in Saudi Arabia, activist says
A prominent Saudi opposition figure says thousands of political prisoners are being held behind bars in the kingdom.
Albuquerque police officer fatally shoots woman
A 19-year-old woman in the US state of New Mexico was shot and killed during a chase by Albuquerque police, making her the third person in five weeks to be killed by officers.
Amnesty slams Qatar for abusing domestic workers
Amnesty International has censured Qatar for failing to protect domestic workers from severe exploitations in the country.
Marvell Technology firing 200 in Israel
Marvell Israel is firing 200 employees, 15% of its 1,300 employees in the occupied territories.
Hamas, PLO say must resolve differences
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) say they should resolve their differences and end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.
Lapid threatening to leave Netanyahu's coalition
Zionist Regime's Yesh Atid will leave PM Netanyahu’s governing coalition if negotiations between Israel and PA end.
‘Saudi Arabia, France plan to disrupt Syria presidential election’
Saudi and French intelligence authorities are reportedly working on a plan to disrupt forthcoming presidential election in Syria, which may award President Bashar al-Assad a new term in office.

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Response to US military personnel's sex crimes in Japan 'not adequate'

Response to US military personnel's sex crimes in Japan 'not adequate'

Sex crimes by US military personnel in Japan have been reported for decades, but an adequate response from military officials has been absent, a political activist in Washington told Press TV on Wednesday.
London using Scotland as nuclear graveyard: Analyst

London using Scotland as nuclear graveyard: Analyst

A large part of the Scottish population believes that London is using their territory as a nuclear graveyard, an investigative journalist says.


Military operations cost UK £34 billion: Study

Military operations cost UK £34 billion: Study

Britain has spent £34 billion ( billion) on overseas military operations since the end of the Cold War in 1990, a new study shows.
FBI informant tied to cyber attacks abroad

FBI informant tied to cyber attacks abroad

An informant working for the FBI coordinated hundreds of cyber attacks abroad during a 2012 campaign, a report says.
British pupils carry guns to school: Revealed

British pupils carry guns to school: Revealed

A national survey in Britain shows nearly a thousand school children have been caught by the police for the possession of lethal weapons over the last three years.