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Palestinians hold rallies to voice support for resistance
Islamic Jihad thanks Ayatollah Khamenei
Poll: Gazans support resistance in dealing with Israel
Articles of the Gaza ceasefire agreement
Palestinian resistance, the victorious
Palestinians reach long-term truce with Israel: Officials

Syrian Army destroys Qalamoun bomb making plant

In their latest military operation, Syrian armed forces have advanced towards the northern side of the southwestern border town of Tufail and Qalamoun in a special operation that led to the discovery of a major bomb-making and weapons manufacturing factory.

Palestinian MP says will stay in Ramallah

A Palestinian lawmaker has defied “a military order” by the Israeli regime to leave the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

Minister: Gaza reconstruction committee starts work Sunday

The Ministry of Public Works will begin work to "limit the damage" of the Israeli offensive on Sunday, Palestinian public works minister Mufeed al-Hasayneh said Friday.

Kurdish fighters recapture 7 villages from ISIL in N Iraq

Iraqi Kurdish forces have recaptured seven villages from the grip of the ISIL Takfiri militants near a strategic dam in the northern city of Mosul.

Houthis stage massive anti-government rallies in Yemen

A series of fresh protest rallies have been held across Yemen, where the government is under increasing pressure to step down.

Israeli soldiers demolish several Palestinian houses

Israeli soldiers have demolished several Palestinian houses near East al-Quds (Jerusalem), leaving dozens of Palestinians homeless.

Israel declines to reveal true fatalities

Nazal put the number o the dead officers and troops at over 1,000.

Syrian army push against intruding insurgents persists

Syrian Army operations against foreign-backed insurgents have continued in full swing, leading to the elimination of scores of armed elements, including non-Syrian terrorists, as well as the destruction of many of their armed vehicles and military hardware.
Iraqi forces liberate villages in push towards Amerli
Iraqi military forces backed by the country’s newly-established volunteer militiamen have liberated several villages located on the way to the town of Amerli, which the Takfiri ISIL terrorists have besieged for months.
Israeli spy drone crashes near Baghdad airport
Following the Wednesday crash of the unmanned Israeli aircraft, a team from the US Embassy in Baghdad rushed to scene to collect remains of the surveillance drone, Al-Mayadeen News Network reported, citing news sources.
Obama under fire for admitting he has no ISIL strategy
President Barack Obama is facing intense criticism for admitting the United States does not have a strategy to address the ISIL terrorist organization after a week of bluster about eliminating that "cancer."
War on Gaza ended with Israel shamed and confused
The war on Gaza "that began with huge support ended with Israel shamed and confused," Danon said Wednesday.
Group:  million worth of damage to Gaza mosques, cemeteries
Israel's military offensive on the Gaza Strip caused .4 million worth of damages to religious sites and cemeteries in Gaza, the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction said Thursday.
Pro-independence rally held in Scotland
A pro-independence protest has been held in Scotland following attempts by British Prime Minister David Cameron to urge the Scottish people and businesses to reject independence in next month’s referendum.
ISIL terrorists execute four Iraqi police officers in Anbar
A new video has emerged showing Takfiri ISIL terrorists shooting four Iraqi police officers to death execution-style.
UK Muslims, Jews Unite Against Hate
Miles away from the Middle East conflict, British Muslim and Jewish leaders have joined hands to condemn rising Islamophobic and anti-semitic attacks, urging followers to export peace to Middle East.
Army-militant clashes continue in Lebanon
In Lebanon, clashes continue between army forces and the foreign-backed Takfiri militants who have crossed over into the country from neighboring Syria.
Mosques in Netherlands Launch Anti-ISIL Twitter Offensive
Dutch mosques are going to take to social media in an effort to counter the flood of youths being recruited by terrorist organization ISIL.
Gaza school year to start Sept. 14
The new school year in the Gaza Strip will start on Sept. 14, Gaza's Ministry of Education said Friday.
Israel closes Golan area as Syria rebels seize crossing
Israel closed off the area around Quneitra on the occupied Golan Heights on Wednesday after an officer was wounded by stray fire as Syrian rebels seized control of the crossing.
Iraqi military forces retake al-Hamra village
Iraqi military forces have regained the control of a village in Salahuddin Province from Takfiri militants operating in the country, Army officials say.
Gaza fishermen reap rewards as restrictions eased
Palestinian fishermen in Gaza say they are already seeing the benefits of an extended fishing zone, with thousands of kilograms of fresh produce caught only days after Tuesday's ceasefire agreement.
Aid convoys trundle into Gaza as ceasefire holds
Life in Gaza resumed some semblance of normality Wednesday as a long-term truce took hold following a deal hailed by Israel and Hamas as 'victory' in the 50-day war.
ISIL terrorists massacre 250 Syrian troops in Raqqa
The notorious ISIL terrorists have brutally massacred 250 Syrian troops taken hostage at an airbase in the northern province of Raqqa, reports indicate.
ISIL executes scores of Iraqis near Fallujah
ISIL Takfiri terrorists have summarily executed scores of people near the Iraqi city of Fallujah in the western province of Anbar.
No arms on agenda for Israel talks: Islamic Jihad
Palestinian resistance group Islamic Jihad says the weapons the resistance fighters are holding are not on the agenda of talks with Israel.


Palestine can be liberated through resistance: Analyst

Palestine can be liberated through resistance: Analyst

A political commentator says the recent war on Gaza showed that Palestine can throw off the shackles of the Israeli regime through the persistence of its resistance movements.
US using Foley beheading to intervene in Syria: Analyst

US using Foley beheading to intervene in Syria: Analyst

The United Sates is using the purported beheading of American journalist James Foley to further intervene in Iraq and Syria, a political commentator says.


Number of Syrian refugees goes beyond three millions: UN

Number of Syrian refugees goes beyond three millions: UN

The UN says the number of Syrian refugees fleeing violence in the country has surpassed three million as the crisis is only getting worse.
Scottish independence gaining momentum: Poll

Scottish independence gaining momentum: Poll

A new poll shows that support for Scottish independence is gaining momentum among voters less than three weeks before the September referendum that could lead to Scotland’s breakaway from the United Kingdom.
Gaza children left orphaned by bloody war

Gaza children left orphaned by bloody war

"She will call me Daddy and Mummy," insisted 11-year-old Amir Hamad, cradling his infant sister in his arms after the Gaza war left him and his four siblings orphans.