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Multiple bomb attacks in Iraq kill six
West's approach to women issues 'profoundly deviant': Leader
Israeli bulldozers level Palestinian homes in Negev
Twin car blasts kill several in western Syria
14 civilians killed, 50 injured in Homs mosque blast

Egypt election: Hamdeen Sabahi to run against Sisi

Egyptian politician Hamdeen Sabahi has officially submitted his candidacy in forthcoming presidential elections.

Israeli Security Restrictions on Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have imposed tight restrictions on Palestinian worshipers' access to the Aqsa mosque and prevented many of them from performing Friday prayers inside it.

UK Secret Service Blackmails British Muslims

Muslims in the UK have complained that the British MI5 secret service has been blackmailing them into spying on other Muslims, threatening to put them on the list of terror suspects if they refused.

Armed insurgents target Syria citizens in Hama, Homs

Foreign-sponsored insurgents have detonated a car bomb in Salamiyeh city in west central Hama Governorate, claiming the lives of at least four citizens and injuring nine others.

US assassination drone kills nearly 20 Yemenis

A US killer drone has carried out an attack in the Yemeni province of Baida, killing nearly 20 people on the ground.

Cairo bombing kills a police officer, wounds another

An Egyptian police officer has been killed in another bomb attack targeting a police kiosk in the capital Cairo, security authorities stated.

Saudi King Abdullah may die in six months: Report

A new report by an opposition research group says Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and may succumb to his illness in six months.

Egypt protests continue ahead of presidential election

Egyptians continue to hold demonstrations against the upcoming presidential election.
Egypt police clash with protesters in Cairo, Suez
Egyptian riot police backed by military troops have attacked massive rallies of anti-government protesters in the capital Cairo and the city of Suez.
Saudi and Alkhalifa rulers increase military spending to stop change
In its annual report the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has reported an increase in the military expenditure by Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
Home prices in Israel rise for fourth straight month
Home prices rose 6.4% in the past 12 months, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics.
U.S. intelligence objects to visa waiver for Israelis
Report: U.S. lawmakers wary of Zionist spying hesitate on visa waiver.
Muslims Protest against Obama’s Malaysia Visit
Malaysian Muslim activists have protested outside the US embassy against the upcoming visit by President Barack Obama, denouncing him as an enemy of Islam.
Muslim Scholar Urges Women to Take Centre Stage in Islam
Women need to once again lead the Islamic community, or ummah, and produce thinkers and leaders, a leading Muslim scholar said at this year’s Dubai International Peace Convention.
On First Visit to Gaza, UN Official Calls For End to Israeli Blockade
On his first official visit to the Gaza Strip, the new head of the United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees across the Middle East underscored the need to lift the seven-year Israeli blockade and end the “illegal collective punishment” unleashed on the population there.
France's Largest Islamic Conference is Underway in Paris
Organized by UOIF, Le Bourget, the largest Islamic conference in France, opened on Friday.
Another Bahraini activist killed in regime crackdown
A Bahraini man died on Friday from shotgun pellet wounds sustained during clashes with police almost two months ago, rights activists said, becoming the first person to be killed in such circumstances since February last year.
Senior leader of ISIL terrorist group killed in Iraq
The leader of a militant group once affiliated to al-Qaeda was shot dead in an ambush in northern Iraq, security officials said Friday, as the country prepares for parliamentary elections later this month.
Egypt interim president rejects calls to pardon activists
Egypt’s interim President Adly Mahmoud Mansour has ruled out clemency for three prominent anti-regime activists serving jail terms.
UN requests 4mn in relief aid funding for CAR
The United Nations has called for a 4-million relief package to fund emergency aid for mostly Muslim residents of the Central African Republic (CAR) fleeing the persisting violence in the impoverished country.
Publication of Anti-Islam Book Angers French Muslims
Mayor of a French town has published an anti-Islam book that has angered the country’s Muslims.
Thousands of Palestinians Suffer in Zionist Jails
There are more than 5,000 Palestinian inmates suffering in Israeli prisons, including hundreds of children, the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees and Ex-detainees Affairs says.
Syrian troops arrest foreign terrorist in Maliha
Syrian troops have arrested several foreign militants in a operation in the town of al-Maliha east of the capital, Damascus.
UK plans to sell people’s personal information
The British government plans to sell the personal financial information of millions of its taxpayers to private firms in exchange for money.
Syrian army foils attack on barracks in Aleppo, kills 20 Qaeda terrorists
Syrian troops have foiled an attack by militants against one of the largest military barracks in the country, in northern Aleppo.
Israeli forces abduct Lebanese teens, women in Shebaa
Israeli forces have abducted five Lebanese, two young boys and three women, from the Shebaa Farms, south Lebanon.

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'No talks happening between PA, Israel'

'No talks happening between PA, Israel'

This is an interview with Alberto Garcia, political analyst from Beirut, about a trilateral meeting between Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the United States on the so-called peace talks that has ended inconclusively.
Militants do not favor interests of Syrians: Analyst

Militants do not favor interests of Syrians: Analyst

Militants in Syria are merely fulfilling the objectives of foreign elements and their atrocities have nothing to do with democratic interests of the Syrian nation, a political analyst says.


Sudan Quran University Aiming to Promote Knowledge Based on Quranic Teachings

Sudan Quran University Aiming to Promote Knowledge Based on Quranic Teachings

Sudan’s University of Quranic and Islamic Sciences is an academic center whose purpose is to produce knowledge based on the teachings of the Quran and the Holy prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah.
Survey: 54% consider US govt. threat to individual liberty

Survey: 54% consider US govt. threat to individual liberty

More than half of Americans (54 percent) consider the federal government a threat to individual liberty rather than a protector, a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found.
Half of NY young inmates have brain injury

Half of NY young inmates have brain injury

Almost half of all people aged 16-to-18 imprisoned in New York City's prisons had a traumatic brain injury before coming there, a new study revealed.