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Video: Aerial image of Gaza ruins left by brutal Israeli war
The Union of Islamic World Students congratulates Palestinian resistance groups
Islamic Jihad fired 3,000 rockets on Israeli cities
Palestinians hold rallies to voice support for resistance
Islamic Jihad thanks Ayatollah Khamenei
Poll: Gazans support resistance in dealing with Israel

Israel keeping Gaza siege despite deal

Israel has not begun to implement a lift on a years-long siege on the Gaza Strip.

Abu Zuhri: Israel’s recruitment of new Gaza division commander sign of defeat

The appointment of a new commander for the Israeli army’s Gaza Division is a proof of Israel’s admission of defeat in the Gaza offensive, Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri said, dubbing the move an episode in a series of sanctions imposed on Israeli war “losers.”

Iraqi forces battle ISIL Takfiri elements in Tikrit

Iraqi security forces have engaged in armed clashes with ISIL Takfiri terrorists north of the city of Tikrit in the country’s Salahuddin Province.

Israeli forces detain 7 Palestinians in Nablus refugee camp

Israeli forces raided the al-Fara refugee camp in Nablus overnight and detained seven Palestinians, locals said.

Fajr Libya militants overrun capital Tripoli

Conflicting reports coming out of Libya, where fierce clashes have been underway between rival militant groups for weeks, indicate that the capital, Tripoli, has fallen to the Fajr (Dawn) Libya gunmen.

Terrorists release 4 Lebanese forces, police officer

The al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front terrorist group has released five Lebanese security forces captured a few weeks ago near the Syrian border.

Syrian army gains ground in Golan Heights

The Syrian army is gaining ground in its fight against Takfiri militants from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in the Golan Heights.

Iraq breaks months-long IS siege

Iraqi forces broke through to the Islamic State-besieged town of Amerli Sunday, where thousands of people have been trapped for more than two months with dwindling food and water supplies.
Israel struggling to fend prosecution
Zionist regime has reportedly ordered its legal authorities to put together 'proofs' to defend the regime's army.
Britain slams Israel for grabbing more Palestinian lands
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has rapped the Israeli regime’s plans to grab hundreds of hectares of the Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, calling upon Tel Aviv to change its decision.
Syria army target insurgent positions, inflict huge losses
Syrian armed forces have continued carrying out numerous military operation against intruding foreign-backed insurgents across the country inflicting major blows and casualties on the forces and equipment.
Lapid admits to unprecedented costs of war
Israeli finance minister has admitted to the unprecedented costs of the war on Gaza.
Hamas: Attempts to demilitarize Gaza 'worthless
The Hamas movement said Saturday that any attempts to disarm Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza are "worthless."
Hezbollah warns of ISIL plot to invade Lebanon
A senior Hezbollah official has warned that the threat of ISIL Takfiri terrorists to Lebanon cannot be underestimated, emphasizing that occupation of the country was part of the terror group’s expansionist scheme.
Boko Haram kills scores in Nigeria’s northeast
Nigeria’s Boko Haram Takfiri group has killed scores of civilians in a town near the border with Cameroon, reports say.
Muslim Players Refuse to Appear Holding Glass of Beer with Bayern Munich
Morocco’s international player Mehdi Beantia, who has recently signed for German giant Bayern Munich, refused to hold a glass of beer during a collective picture with his team, at the set of a beer advertising photo shoot.
Some Zionist leaders boycott special security session
Local leaders of settlements near Gaza are expected to boycott a special government session to be held in southern Israel.
Netanyahu threatens to reoccupy Gaza
The Israeli prime minister says he cannot rule out the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip, while the Palestinian resistance group Hamas describes any attempts to disarm Palestinian fighters as worthless.
Twin bombings kill over dozen in south of Baghdad
Latest reports say two bomb explosions near the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad have killed over a dozen people, security sources say.
Death toll from bomb blast in Ramadi rises to 37
Death toll from an explosion in Iraq’s western city of Ramadi has risen to at least 37 with official sources saying that 22 security forces were among the victims.
Anti-Israel slogan stamped on £5 notes
Pro-Palestinian campaigners have stamped anti-Israel, pro-Palestine messages on bank notes in Britain.
Hezbollah remembers revered leader Imam Musa Sadr
Prominent Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has remembered the country’s revered Shia leader Imam Musa al-Sadr in the anniversary of his 1978 disappearance in Libya while on an official visit, describing his yet unknown fate as a major national tragedy.
Palestinians criticize Israeli land grab plan
Palestinians have denounced an Israeli plan to grab hundreds of hectares of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem), calling for international action against Tel Aviv.
Israeli forces detain two Palestinian brothers near Ramallah
Israeli forces detained two brothers from the town of Deir Nitham in northwest Ramallah on Saturday morning in a predawn raid.
Syrian Army destroys Qalamoun bomb making plant
In their latest military operation, Syrian armed forces have advanced towards the northern side of the southwestern border town of Tufail and Qalamoun in a special operation that led to the discovery of a major bomb-making and weapons manufacturing factory.
Palestinian MP says will stay in Ramallah
A Palestinian lawmaker has defied “a military order” by the Israeli regime to leave the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.


Likudists Were Behind Kidnappings that Led to Gaza War

Likudists Were Behind Kidnappings that Led to Gaza War

The recent war in Gaza had a highly theatrical aspect to it, an American political analyst said.
ISIL using CIA-supplied weapons, David Lindorff says

ISIL using CIA-supplied weapons, David Lindorff says

An award-winning American investigative journalist says the ISIL terrorist group is using weapons supplied by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


UF Launching Center for Islamic Studies

UF Launching Center for Islamic Studies

The University of Florida will soon have a Center for Global Islamic Studies.
UK Imams Issue Fatwa against Those Fighting for ISIL

UK Imams Issue Fatwa against Those Fighting for ISIL

Some of Britain’s most influential imams have condemned British Muslims fighting alongside ISIL extremists in Iraq and Syria.
US lawmaker says hundreds of Americans trained by ISIL

US lawmaker says hundreds of Americans trained by ISIL

A US lawmaker has revealed that there are hundreds of Americans, who have links with ISIL militants and can return to the US with their American passports.