Famine Stalks Yemen. “Growing Catastrophic Food Crisis”
Why does the world remain tight-lipped in face of Myanmar's ethnic cleansing?
Iranian Deputy FM: Tehran will continue to send humanitarian aid to Yemen
Syria: Over 110 Militants Surrender
Fake War against ISIS;

Obama’s “Fake War” against the Islamic State (ISIS). The Islamic State is Protected by the US and its Allies

The Islamic State is not only protected by the US and its allies, it is trained and financed by US-NATO, with the support of Israel and Washington’s Persian Gulf allies.

Iran persistent in support for Palestinian nation

“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports all Muslim oppressed nations, including the Palestinian nation,” Larijani said in a meeting with Head of Mauritania-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group in Tehran on Sunday.

Bahrain Revolution Continues/ US and its Allies Seeking to Divide the Countries in the Region

"Al- Seyed Ja'far al-alawi", one of the most important members of Bahrain Revolution refered to the cruel supression of Bahraini government against revolutionary youths and said...
Zoinist regime;

Hamas says Israelis used dolphin as spy

The article claims Qassam operatives on a training exercise along the beach confiscated camera equipment and spying devices mounted on the back of the dolphin.

Silence on crimes against Yemen promotes terrorism: Iran deputy FM

A senior Iranian diplomat has slammed the existing silence on crimes which are being perpetrated against the Yemeni nation, saying that such inaction will merely promote terrorism.
Imam khomeini;

Former US Envoy Predicted Islamic Revolution Victory

The former US envoy emphasized that even the remaining small number of undecided people would also join the Islamic movement under his unwavering leadership that sought the downfall of Shah regime.
Leader of Islamic Revolution: Hajj guarantees life of Islam
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that Hajj rituals belong to the Islamic Ummah (nations) and guarantee survival of Islam.
Rafsanjani urges world to use Iran's capacities
Expediency Council (EC) Chairman Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said the way has been paved to boost scientific cooperation between Iran and the international community.
Al Maleki: Disintegration of Iraq equals serving Zionists' interests
The former Iraqi prime minister made the comment in a meeting with Ali Akbar Velayati, the head of Expediency Council's Center for Strategic Research, adding that ...
Saudi warplanes continue bombarding Yemen
Saudi warplanes continue to pound more areas across Yemen despite reports of civilian casualties in the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country.
Over 76k sign UK online petition calling for Israeli PM's arrest
Zionist regime;
More than 76,000 people have signed a petition on the website of the British Parliament, calling on the government to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes against Palestinians when he visits London next month.
Ayatollah Khamenei: Hajj is a proper opportunity to transfer the Iranians' successful experience
Adressing Hajj officials in Tehran on Saturdey, Ayatollah Khamenei said that Hajj is the true example of harmony and unanimity among Muslims.
Peace Lovers March in US to Support Iran Nuclear Deal
Peace with Iran;
The global peace lovers took to streets in the US big cities on Saturday to show their support for a nuclear agreement with Iran, ahead of the consideration of the historic deal by the US lawmakers.
Saudi Air Strikes Hit Various Areas in Yemen
Saudi fighter jets bombed several areas across Yemen as the Persian Gulf kingdom's air strikes have claimed over 5,500 lives so far.

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Marandi: the Iranians know that the Americans need an agreement at least

Marandi: the Iranians know that the Americans need an agreement at least

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohammad Marandi, professor at University of Tehran, in Vienna, about the US State Department saying the talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries over Tehran’s nuclear energy program have been extended until July 7...
USA and Israel are trying to create local Islamic enemies to defeat Iran

USA and Israel are trying to create local Islamic enemies to defeat Iran

I believe that USA and Israel and their allies have found out that the best way to defeat Iran and the Axis of resistance is ...
Conference On Prophet's Seerah

Conference On Prophet's Seerah

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is going to hold a two-day International Conference titled . . .

Other articles

Hiding evil face of US is betrayal

Hiding evil face of US is betrayal

Leader of Islamic Revolution condemned those who try to cover up the evil face of the US with media make-up, saying that they are betraying the nation...

"Muslim unity and the country’s stability were at stake", Malaysian Scholar

Those who raise the spectre of secession from Malaysia are among the biggest threats to the country, Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin said today in the wake of a Johor prince’s recent Instagram post alluding to the matter...

"a wake-up call for Muslim unity to rise against sectarian"; British Edition

The growing number of young Britons who are being recruited to commit atrocities in Syria and Iraq should be a wake-up call for British Muslims...