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1,300 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza
Palestinian fighters kill 10 Israeli troops near Gaza: Video
Israeli shelling hits UN school, Gaza toll passes 1,260
Muslim nations must unite to help Gazans: Leader
1130 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza
Israel committing genocide in Gaza: Ayatollah Khamenei
Israel warns Gazans around Gaza City to leave
Hamas retaliatory shelling kills four Israeli forces in occupied lands
Israel attacks Gaza’s hospital, death toll hits 1,047
Video: Israeli drone shot down by Gaza resistance forces

Israel announces limited 4-hour humanitarian ceasefire

Israel on Wednesday announced a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire that was to start at 3:00 p.m, after over 70 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces earlier in the day.

Syrian army eliminates militants in many provinces

The Syrian armed forces have continued operations in many provinces, killing dozens of militants and destroying their hideouts, weaponry and munitions.

Hamas asks Hezbollah to help fight Israel

Hamas has urged Hezbollah to join the fight against Israel after the Israeli offensive in Gaza entered its third week.

Kerry: Israeli PM has asked for US help on Gaza truce

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked for fresh US help in trying to broker a ceasefire in Gaza, top US diplomat John Kerry said Tuesday.

ISIL terrorists execute hundreds of Muslims in Tikrit massacre: Video (GRAPHIC)

ISIL terrorists have executed hundreds of Muslims in northern Iraq in what may be one of the worst atrocities yet since the al-Qaeda splinter group seized much of northeastern Syria and made huge gains in parts of Iraq, according to footage.

Israel steps up attacks on Gaza hospitals

The Israeli regime has intensified its attacks on hospitals in the Gaza Strip amid shortage of medical supplies in the besieged enclave.

Americans hold pro-Palestinian rally in Phoenix, Arizona

Demonstrators in the US state of Arizona have condemned Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people amid protests around the world against the bloody offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip.

ISIL opens wife-recruiting office for terrorists in Syria

ISIL Takfiri terrorists have created special centers to organize sending of women to the war front to be used as sex slaves.
Police arrest 50 anti-Israeli protesters in New York City
Police officers in New York City have arrested 50 people who were protesting against war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.
Iran urges NAM to bring Israel to justice for war crimes
Iran’s justice minister has called on his counterparts from the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member states to take legal action against Israel for committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli attack knocks out Gaza’s only power plant
The only power plant providing electricity for the people in the besieged Gaza Strip has been knocked out of commission by an Israeli attack.
Israel confirms deaths of 5 soldiers in Gaza clashes
Israel has confirmed that five more Israeli soldiers have been killed in clashes with Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip.
Gaza ministry calls on UNRWA to condemn attacks on its shelters
Gaza's Ministry of Interior Wednesday called upon the UN agency for Palestinian refugees to condemn the latest deadly shelling of a UN school.
Iraq army launches anti-militant raid, kills 17
The Iraqi army has launched a fresh attack on Takfiri militants in a flashpoint town southwest of the capital, Baghdad, killing 17 militants.
Lebanese grand mufti urges jihad to liberate Palestine
Lebanon’s Grand Mufti Mohammad Rashid Qabbani has called for “jihad” (struggle) to liberate “Palestine’s sacred land” from Zionist foreign occupation during his Eid al-Fitr congregational prayer sermon.
Mosques bombed in Nigeria, 8 killed
Suspected Boko Haram militants have targeted two mosques in northeast Nigeria with bomb attacks, killing at least six worshippers and injuring several others.
Security Council bans oil trade with Iraq, Syria militants
The UN Security Council on Monday backed a Russian initiative to bar trade in oil with militant groups in Iraq and Syria.
Libyan militants capture Benghazi’s main army base
Militant groups have seized the headquarters of the Libyan army’s special forces in the volatile city of Benghazi after several days of fighting.
Afghan president’s cousin killed in bomb attack
The cousin of Afghanistan’s outgoing President Hamid Karzai has been killed in a bomb attack in Kandahar in the country’s south.
Meshaal: We are ready to coexist with Jews, but not 'occupiers'
Israel resumed its bombardment of the Gaza Strip for the 20th day on Sunday afternoon, as Hamas leader Meshaal stressed that the group was ready to "coexist with the Jews" but would not tolerate "occupiers."
250 Gazan children killed in Israel war
Latest figures show the ongoing Israeli air and ground strikes have left more than 250 children dead across the besieged Gaza Strip over the past three weeks.
ISIL terrorists bomb Prophet Jirjis Mosque in Mosul
ISIL terrorists have blown up a mosque and shrine dating back to the 14th century in Mosul, local residents say, the latest casualty in a week that has seen a half dozen of the Iraqi city's most revered holy places destroyed.
Egypt's Morsi salutes Palestinian 'resistance' in Gaza
Ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi has praised the Palestinian "resistance" over the 21-day conflict with Israel in Gaza that has killed more than 1,030 people, mostly Palestinian civilians.
Israeli forces clash with Palestinians in West Bank
Israeli forces have clashed with Palestinian demonstrators following Eid al-Fitr prayers in the West Bank.
Egypt demolished 13 more Gaza supply tunnels
Egyptian government has ordered the destruction of 13 more Gaza supply tunnels that run from its Rafah border area into the Israeli-blockaded Palestinian enclave to bring in vital food and basic goods supplements.


US is largely responsible for Gaza tragedy: Gagnon

US is largely responsible for Gaza tragedy: Gagnon

An American anti-war activist says the United States is largely blamed for the atrocities Israel is committing against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Big banks have taken over US government: Scott Rickard

Big banks have taken over US government: Scott Rickard

A former American intelligence official says big banks have taken over the US government, making it almost impossible to observe democracy in the country.


All the countries US has “regime changed” descended into brutal chaos

All the countries US has “regime changed” descended into brutal chaos

Since 2001, the US has undertaken regime change in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya; all 3 countries are now in chaos and extremists are more in control than ever.
US lawmakers: Standing with Israel “will be our cause”

US lawmakers: Standing with Israel “will be our cause”

US lawmakers from across the aisle on Capitol Hill say they will “stand with Israel” in its deadly offensive against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Harry Reid: it would be a shame if we did nothing!

Harry Reid: it would be a shame if we did nothing!

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Israel urgently needs more financial aid from the United States for its offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.