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Child Poverty in America
People Living in Caves as UK Homelessness Reaches Five-Year High
Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Waste Dump
Google, beyond the CIA: Insurgency and espionage factory
Sri Lankan Muslims under threat
“Regime Change” at the Vatican!
Drones, Citizens, and the End of Human Rights
How Prophet Muhammad treated children
Exploring Great Britain’s role in Great Famine in Iran during World War
North Korea or the United States: Who is a Threat to Global Security?
Obama Administration Claims Right to “Lawfully” Assassinate Citizens within the US
Islam's recommendations about Nutrition matters
Islamic rules of etiquette and manners
Islamophobia only a short chapter in the Muslim-West story
The Prison Industry in the United States
The Art of War: The Reconquest of Africa
Hezbollah enough strong to play crucial role in complex circumstances
Eleven enduring mysteries of 9/11
The Nobel Peace Prize for War
Iran and Nixon Doctrine
Space Warfare and the Future of U.S. Global Power
Hidden Agenda behind America’s War on Africa
Guns over Butter: The Military-Industrial Complex and the Destruction of the U.S. Economy
From an Existentialist to a Muslim
Terrorism, from causes to demands
How to Eradicate Terrorism
Death and perishment
Reason and the Creator
Possibility of Satan
On the Necessities of Life
Achievements of Islam
Philosophy of Undesirable Events in Life
Various Meanings of Freedom
Hazrat Maryam (A.S.)
Greatness of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.)
Islam and Manners
Being Pessimistic About Others
The Mention of Water in the Holy Quran (Part 1)
Russian Evolution
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