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Unity, the Key of Hezbollah’s Victory
The causes of Hezbollah’s success in Lebanon which were the strategy of this movement in fighting against Israel and their proceeds after Israel’s drawing back from the South of Lebanon are the main contents of these discussions
The Hezbollah of Lebanon is one of the successful Islamic movements which was formed under the direct influence of The Islamic Revolution of Iran. Actually Lebanon is one of the countries which made The Islamic Revolution of Iran notable in the world.

Hezbollah was able to act as influential political and martial forces in this country at the time of the battle with Israel and also after its drawing back from Lebanon and this was with the help of being inspired by the thoughts of Imam Khomeini and the ideology of The Islamic Revolution. The causes of Hezbollah’s success were the strategy of this movement against Israel and their proceeds after Israel’s drawing back from the South of Lebanon.

The causes of Hezbollah’s success:
The base of Hezbollah’s motive and formation has been believes and faiths which was inspired from the Islamic Revolution. The position of believes and faith has been superior to fight for Hezbollah. Beside this main and important cause, there have also been other reasons which have turned Hezbollah’s motion to a dynamic one. We will review some of these causes:

1) Unity in Organization
Hezbollah has a very regular and arranged organization. This has been the reason of the precise and easy formation of its different political and martial levels. The domain of Hezbollah’s activities is vast and every member, from ordinary people to students, has been considered by Hezbollah as a great member in every level.

This unity which could be seen in every rule of Hezbollah has changed Hezbollah to a hard, political and martial force. Israel has never been able to penetrate this organization although it has a powerful spying organization like Mosad. This has been the reason of Israel’s ambiguity in understanding the nature and proceeds of Hezbollah.

2) Intelligence and Truth in Leadership
Seyed Hassan Nasrollah, the leader of Hezbollah, is a very intelligent person and has a high capacity in leading and organizing and also has logics about the activities of Hezbollah in the political situation of Lebanon. He also has an specific talent which makes him decide wonderfully in necessary situations.

The truth of Hezbollah’s leader is confirmed by Hezbollah and all the political groups. Lebanon trust him as an active and honest man. The leadership of Seyed Hassan Nasrollah was the reason for the logical and right, political activities of Hezbollah after the drawing back of Israel from the South of Lebanon.

3) The support of Iran of Hezbollah
Lebanon’s Hezbollah has been under Iran’s protection besides being inspired by the thoughts and ideology of the Islamic revolution. Actually the other reason of Hezbollah’s success in different stages has been the protection of The Islamic Republic of Iran of this Islamic motion which was more moral and religious protection than material.

All of Hezbollah’s members, from its leaders to its ordinary members, have noticed the role of The Islamic Republic of Iran, but still Hezbollah is not relied on Iran and acts independently. Anyway, Seyed Hassan Nasrollah believes that the main and basic reason for Hezbollah’s victory is following the religious leadership of Valie Faghih.

Hezbollah and Israel
The strategy of Hezbollah in fighting Israel caused extreme fear for Israel. Mean while, Israel fears from the attacks of Hezbollah and condition has had great impact on the following affairs. Hezbollah’s primitive education was carried out by Iran, but according to Imam Khomeini’s order, none of the Iranian forces had the right to participate directly in the war and their aim was to prepare Hezbollah in the war against Israel.

Today, the strategy of Hezbollah also follows this principle and none of the forces of Hezbollah go into action inside Palestine. The Palatines are the ones who fight Israel under the education and guidance of Hezbollah. For this reason the fighting methods of Palestinian forces are completely similar to the methods of Hezbollah in the battle with Israel in the south of Lebanon and Zionists have also confessed this point. Zionism does not have the capacity to confront Hezbollah because Hezbollah can recompense Israel’s exceeds and even during the attacks of Zionists to Syria, Seyed Hassan Nasrollah threatened that if the attacks to Syria repeat again, Hezbollah would act against Israel.

Hezbollah’s fighting against Israel in both Palestine and Lebanon is based on martyrdom operations and the leader of Hezbollah has been very optimistic about these fights and believes that the sustain of these conflicts can cause unsafety for the future of this country and by considering the internal problems of this country and the religious and tribal conflicts can be a main reason for developing migration from Israel which has started and is speeding up. The main cause of this migration is insecurity and economical problems.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah after victory in the war with Israel
After Hezbollah’s victory in the war with Israel, they were involved in persisting its position in Lebanon’s political environment and having relation with the political structure of the country. The political structure of Lebanon has become very complex because of the existence of different religions and the role of each of them based on the constitutional law and also the penetration of the west in this country. How could Hezbollah have a positive interaction with this political structure, as an Islamic and martial motion? The performance of Hezbollah indicated that they were able to adapt themselves with the new condition and to appoint a new and influential political role in the political structure of Lebanon.

The first stage was the definition of Hezbollah about its role as a martial motion which had to have political activities; therefore, it limited the martial aspect to over border affairs and restricted it to fight Israel. So, inside Lebanon they were introduced as a religious-political motion which its martial powers were only used to defeat Israel’s threatens. For this reason, it formed a positive and constructive relation with Lebanon’s political structure by collecting influential powers. This action needed specific necessities which Hezbollah was skillfully capable of them. Here, we will mention some of them:

1) Hezbollah had a great role in drawing back Israel from the South of Lebanon and if there was not Hezbollah’s Sacrifice strategy, may be Israel would never abandon Lebanon. But Hezbollah did not specify the victory against Israel to itself and did not have any claims about this victory in the political environment of Lebanon. Hezbollah related it to all the political forces and motions of Lebanon and even shared this victory with forces which did not have a specific role in it.

2) Avoiding tribal and political grouping; one of Lebanon’s bitter experiences which is directly related to Shiites was the conflict between the Shiites of Hezbollah and the members of the Amal movement. Considering this experience, Hezbollah extremely avoids political groupings and although the South of Lebanon was completely influenced by Hezbollah, but for avoiding political conflicts, a common list is presented with Amal and Nabih Berry. On the other hand, Lebanon also avoids grouping by considering the population of the Christians and Sunnites.

3) Having relationship with all the political parties of Lebanon; in the pessimistic political situation of Lebanon. The only political motion which has been able to gain the confidence of other parties, is the Hezbollah of Lebanon and this is because of their performance in creating relation with these parties. This fact is related to the previous one which was avoiding political grouping.

4) Being trusted by the people and government of Lebanon. After the drawing back of the Israeli forces, Hezbollah tried to attract the confidence of the people and government of Lebanon for creating a suitable condition to continue their activities inside Lebanon and has been partly successful in this way. Today, the government of Lebanon knows Hezbollah as a secure and trustful force and according to the incapability of Lebanon’s army in providing the country’s safety, the government has formally announced Hezbollah as the main source for providing security in the country.

The reason of this is that Lebanon’s Hezbollah has based its main activities on creating national security and safety for Lebanon and it has known the national interests of this country as a model for its policies and activities.

On the other hand, Hezbollah has been able to attract the confidence of the majority of people including Shiites, Sunnites and Christians and most of the Lebanese believe in Hezbollah as the most trustworthy political motion in Lebanon.

5) Not participating in the government of Lebanon. Lebanon’s government and its political ranks are extremely corrupted and are by no way trusted by the people of Lebanon. Hezbollah has avoided being a member of the government of Lebanon although it has the capacity to participate in Lebanon’s cabinet. But this had an influential role in attracting the confidence of the Lebanese. According to the speech of Seyed Hassan Nasrollah, Hezbollah is careful to the fame it has gained in the fight with Israel and is not ready to lose it and is looking after the political and cultural field to exist in the government of Lebanon more completely and powerfully.

6) Development and variety in activities and programs. After Israel’s drawing back, Hezbollah started new activities for participating in educational and healing affairs. By this way, Hezbollah wanted to be influential in the new situation and has been able to offer different services to Lebanon whether Shiites, Sunnites or Christians. The aim of these activities besides developing the confidence and optimism toward Hezbollah among public thoughts is giving power to Hezbollah in different educational centers so that they could be effective in carrying out the plans of Hezbollah in future.

Anyway, in the current condition, Hezbollah has a great position in Lebanon and in the thoughts of Lebanese and has got an independent identity and is able to continue its way. According to Lebanon’s cultural situation and the penetration of the western culture, the future of Hezbollah depends on its performance and these successes will continue if Hezbollah consists itself with the new situations and conditions.