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Jews Hate Zionism
Many people in the world may assume the words ‘Zionism’ and ‘Judaism’ to have the same meaning, but the reality is that, according to views and opinions of Jewish Scholars who are well versed with the teachings of the Torah, this perception seems not to be true.

Many people in the world may assume the words ‘Zionism’ and ‘Judaism’ to have the same meaning, but the reality is that, according to views and opinions of Jewish Scholars who are well versed with the teachings of the Torah, this perception seems not to be true.
Many Jews distance themselves from Zionism and its thoughts. This is despite the fact that the Zionist regime always classifies itself as Jewish. In this article we shall try to study the different views and opinions of various Jews scholars and intellectuals from different corners of the world concerning this issue. At the same time we shall try to see how the Zionist regime reacts to such opinions and also how anti-Zionist standpoints are reflected in the international media. Although some Jewish scholars believe that there is the possibility of the formation of a Jewish state, but they underline the point that the promised state in not the present usurper state of Israel. The activities of other Jewish organizations are based on the belief that the Jewish nation has no right to establish any government until the coming of the savior of the world. These views are expressed at the time when many Jews illegally live in occupied Palestinian lands. All the same, some of them have refused to join the army as a sign of their opposition to operations carried out by the army against Palestinians. One of the army officers says that the number of Jews who are opposed to Israeli war against Palestinians has been rising day after day to the extent that since the beginning of the Intifadha up to now, about 1100 officers have defied orders to join military operations against Palestinians. Dan Tamir, another Israeli army officer said earlier this May that the number of Israeli soldiers who evade war operations against Palestinians under various pretexts like sickness and family problems, has shot up significantly. He who was imprisoned for some time for not joining army operations said that although he is ready to co-operate with his regime’s army, but he is not ready to harm innocent Palestinians and civilians. Tamir added that the refusal by Israelis to join operations in the occupied Palestinian territories has became such a big problem in internal Israeli politics that many people opt not to express publicly their feelings about these social, political and mental pressures for fear of being intimidated by authorities. He added that Israeli government tries hard to conceal the raging opposition among army officers and soldiers against war. An American television channel also recently reported on the daily increasing number of Jewish youths who believe that the Israeli operations against Palestinians are against their principles. The ABC’s report entitled ‘one principle topic’ referred to Jewish youth who said they would rather be taken to court or imprisoned rather than serve the army.
One Israeli teenager by the name Hagi Matar aged 18 is to face judgment this August because of avoiding compulsory army service. He and his friends once wrote and signed a letter addressed to Ariel Sharon informing him that they would not join the army. The letter was signed by 62 Israeli secondary students. The letter currently has hundreds of signatories and Matar seems to be determined to seek more signatures to be added to the letter before it is resent to the Prime Minister’s Office. In one of his telephone interviews with ABC channel from Israel, Mater admitted that he was aware of his action not to attend his compulsory youth service. Citing the rising number of youth who are not ready to follow the policies of the Zionist regime in this regard, he added that he is not alone in this dangerous path. During his visit to the United States of America, Mater had a number of interviews and attended various seminars where he defended his actions and those of his friends. More often than not, he has been accused by other Jews of being an unbeliever and even his faith in Judaism put into question. He has been forced, on a number of occasions, to speak Hebrew as part of his efforts to prove wrong and counter those who doubt his faith in Judaism.
ABC adds that during the 54 years history of the existence of Israel, reservist groups have always defied orders to serve in the army especially during the occupation of southern Lebanon and the first Intifadha. Radio Tel Aviv reported that three Israeli groups namely Mertz, Peace Now and There is the Boundary sent a letter to the Chief Justice of Israel asking him to force the Zionist government to pull back Israeli troops from illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Pointing out that for the last ten years more than 93 settlements have been built in the two Palestinian territories in order to accommodate more Jews, the groups added that according to the opinion polls conducted in the settlements, more than two-thirds of the settlers were ready to move out of the settlements with compensation or be allocated houses in the occupied lands directly controlled by the Zionist regime. According to the poll’s results, only six percent of those who participated in the opinion polls were opposed to being moved out of the settlements and were ready to use weapons to prevent such a thing happening.
In a similar move, 101 Jewish professors, researchers and lecturers from different universities in world, have written a letter expressing their disgust and abhorrence to war-mongering policies of the American government, and the brutally racist ones implemented by Zionists against innocent Palestinian people. The letter which was published by the Guardian Newspaper says: ‘we call upon the international community to pay due attention to what is going on in Israel and the occupied territories. It should take into consideration the ruthless atrocities being committed against humanity and not condone them in order to stem them.’ Some of the signatories to the letter are famous names like Pofessor Abraham Ovaz and Professor Linda bin Zavy from the University of Occupied Palestine. In other countries too, Jews have protested in many different ways, the continuation of the existence of the Zionist regime or criticized its criminal record and demanded that Israel should be judged in an independent international court of justice. In this regard, last year an Israeli who resides in France, accused Israel of being an occupying regime, criminal and fascist and demanded that it should be hauled before the international court of justice in The Hague.
The online edition of al-Quds al-Arabi wrote: Sefi Hindler a journalist with the Zionist Ma’ariv newspaper in Paris wrote in this regard; ‘few days back, a person whose accent was very clear that he was an Israeli, spoke against Israeli government in an interview with a Jewish radio in France as if he was the spokesman of Hizbullah.’ The journalist continued to say: ‘most critical news against Israel come from Jews or Israelis who have splintered from Judaism and Israel. Also in 2000 a number of Jews who reside in the Palestinian occupied lands demonstrated protesting against racism and half a century of Zionist aggression against the rights of Palestinian People. The La Nacion newspaper published in Buenos Aires Argentina wrote: ‘while the unrelenting insurgence of the Palestinian uprising has been able too engulf the Israeli regime from all sides, a group of Jews in that country has demonstrated outside the house of Ehud Barak demanding the end of this regime’s crimes against Palestinian people.’ The newspaper wrote that the daily demonstrations have revealed the racist face of the Zionist regime.
Gabriela Lasky, the director of the Jewish Organization for Peace, the largest NGO organization in Israel has said that since 1967 to date, the Israeli regime has not respected even the most basic rights of Palestinian people. She said that during this period, Palestinian territories have been taken over without any rational reason and Jewish settlements built there. Israel has denied Palestinians even the most fundamental right of passing through these territories and has at times starved them of the most basic natural resources like drinking water. In another part of her interview, Lasky admitted that contrary to the claims of Zionists, freedom and democracy cannot be established in Israel when a million Palestinians live in the occupied lands under military rule and without enjoying the most basic rights.
In most countries of the world, Jews protest the establishment of a Zionist state and demand its dismantlement. Rabbi Graham, one of the leaders of Neturei Karta Jewish Group has said that the formation of Zionism is improper. By indicating that wandering with no specific settlement (roaming) is part of the Jewish belief, Rabbi Graham reiterated that the establishment of Jews settlements in Palestinian lands contravenes Jewish religious ideals. This group of Jews which attended the conference on terrorism that was convened in London unequivocally demanded the dismantlement of the Zionist regime in the Palestinian occupied lands emphasizing that it is the real cause of instability and insecurity in the Middle East. While condemning any violent act that leads to lose of innocent life, Graham said that the establishment of Zionist regime in Palestinian land is the main cause of division among Muslims and Jews. He also blamed Zionism to be the real cause of corruption among some Jews. Rabbi Graham said: ‘I left Orshalem (Jerusalem) forty years ago to come and seek refuge in London and have never returned to that place ever since. I also urge all other Jews not to think of going to that place.’ In elaborating this point he said, ‘Before the founding of Zionist government, the people of Palestine including Christians, Muslims and Jews used to live together in peace and harmony without any problem. But after the formation of the Zionist regime, hatred and cruelty took the place of affection and sincerity.’ One of the followers of the Neturei Karta Jewish group called Rabbi David Weiss said, ‘unfortunatelly the bad image that the Israeli government and its followers have given to Jews has made many people in the world to make bad conclusions concerning Jewish religion.’ While expressing their disgust at the crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the oppressed people of Palestine in the occupied lands, some Jewish scholars underline that those crimes are not related in any way with the Jewish faith. For instance, Yaisrail David Weis the Director of ‘United Jews against Zionism’ organization based in New York and who attended a United Nations sponsored anti-racism conference held in Durban South Africa in 2001 as a Jewish Rabbi, told his audience that his intension in attending the conference was to reveal the crimes of Zionism. Appearing beside Palestinians who are opposed to Israel on the sidelines of the conference, he added that the crimes being committed by Israel in the occupied Palestinian lands have no connection with the Jewish religion. By condemning the crimes committed by Ariel Sharon, most Jews part ways with the Zionist regime because of its heinous crimes against innocent and unarmed Palestinians. The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Jews representatives in the House of Commons strongly condemned the Israeli Prime Minister. Although the subject of the sessions was to discuss the crisis of the Middle East, which of course did not bear fruit, but the representatives with Jewish origin took up the opportunity to condemn Ariel Sharon in the strongest possible terms. One representative who has ties to an orthodox Jewish family addressed Sharon as a ‘war criminal and stupid.’ He stressed that the ‘Star of David’ belonged to all Jews, but that unfortunately Sharon’s actions have polluted and weltered the star in blood.
Some Western writers also acknowledge the difference between Zionism and Judaism and believe that the butchers of Palestinian people are Zionists and not Jews. Mikhail Adams a Western writer believes that the problem of Palestine and the crisis of this land has never and will never be caused by disputes among Arabs, be they Muslims or Christians on the one hand, and Jews on the other. This is due to the reality that Arabs and Jews have lived together on this land harmoniously and for so many centuries without any problem. He adds that the current problem of Palestine is cause by Zionists who are bent on killing the original owners of Palestine. Palestinians have been forced to migrate and live in exile as refugees and their ancestral lands usurped by Zionists in order to establish a Jewish state. American and Canadian Rabbis have also on different occasions expressed their anger and abhorrence at the crimes committed on daily basis by Zionists against innocent people of Palestine. January last year thousands of students and Jewish rabbis demonstrated in front of the Zionist regime’s representative office in the United Nations to protest against the regime’s cruel and suppressive policies. In the process of the demonstration that was arranged by the Central Congress for American and Canadian Rabbis, demonstrators waved placards that read, ‘we are Jews not Zionists’, ‘Israeli government is different from Jews’ and ‘Jewish nation has no right to have a state.’ The Jewish congress announced that the main aim of the demonstration was to condemn the latest policies of Israel including its increment of assault on religious Jews, removal of military service exemption granted to Jewish students in religious schools and the racist regime’s actions that violate the law. The Central Congress for Rabbis was founded fifty years ago by Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum. Its activities revolve around the belief that Jews are not allowed by their religious law to form any kind of government until the coming of the savior of the world, the Messiah. A prominent Jewish professor by the name Daniel Benton who had protested the excavation done by archeologists in one of the graveyards in Haifa region, which of course is against Jewish teachings, was thoroughly beaten up by Zionist troops who broke his ribs in the process. A group of 600 American Jews calling itself ‘The Cry of Jews against the Usurpation of Palestinian Lands by Israel’ published an ad in the New York newspaper calling for the end of the occupation of Palestine, sending of an international force to the occupied lands for the protection of Palestinians and cutting of all military and economic aid granted by the American government to the government of Israel. 15 outstanding Jewish scholars have also protested against the big and blind support extended by American government to the Zionist regime and demanded the guaranteeing of security to Palestinian people according to the norms of international law. Also a number of Jews have explicitly expressed their worry as a result of Palestinian security not being taken care of and demanded that their lives should be protected. For example, Noam Chomsky is a thinker and an American critic who believes that his country’s society has been polluted and needs a cultural revolution. He along with Professor Simona Sharoni, a Jewish Scholar at Evergreen State College in Olympia, and other thirteen Jewish thinkers in a letter they wrote in October 2000, urged America to use its influence over Israel to control it. In the letter which was written under the title ‘control Israel,’ and published by the Guardian newspaper, the American Jews expressed their urgent worry concerning the security of Palestinians who live under the terror of Israeli occupying force. They said they wrote the letter as a result of their urgent worry about the behavior of America to evade its responsibilities in trying to use its influence over Israel in order to force it to respect and protect Palestinian lives.
Moshe Ari Freedman an orthodox Jewish rabbi who heads a Jewish synagogue in Vienna Austria said: ‘Zionists misuse the issue of holocaust that took place during the reign of Hitler to pretend that they were oppressed.’ According to him, in the past Jews used to live together with Muslims and Christians alike, in peace and harmony in Palestine and had no particular problem with the Arab world. The Arab world and Muslims also had good relations with Jews. While pointing to the fact that orthodox Jews like Muslims are victims of Zionists, this Jewish rabbi reiterated that God ordered Jews in their holy book to go to Palestine spiritually and no to go there physically, usurp Palestinians and kill them en mass! While emphasizing that occupying and usurping other people’s land contradicts Jewish religion, he added that Zionists are trying very hard to convince Jews that they have no future in Europe and as such should leave that continent and migrate to Israel. Freedman underlined that orthodox Jews are opposed to the formation of an Israeli government in the lands of Palestinians adding that in January 2001, more than a hundred thousand Jews demonstrated against Israel in New York. Further still a group of American Jews opposed to the racist regime of Israel and who fear that its brutal and dangerous policies might harm the situation of Jews in the world, in May 2001 formed a popular organization to defend its interests. The online edition of as-Sharq al-Ausat newspaper wrote that in order for this group to show that it does not approve of the actions carried out by the occupying Zionist regime against Palestinians, it coined the name ‘Not in Our Name’ for its organization.
An Israeli resident of France says: Israel being an occupying regime, criminal and fascist and must be hauled before the international court of justice in The Hague.
The director of Jewish Organization for Peace in Israel: Since 1967 until now, the Israeli regime has not respected even the most basic rights of Palestinian people.
Rabbi Graham: The establishment of Jews settlements in Palestinian lands contravenes Jewish religious ideals.
An English Rabbi: The government that is known today as Israel is a regime that has no right to exist and we are waiting for the destruction of the Zionist regime.