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Griffith University Muslim Students Association

The Griffith University Muslim Students Association (GUMSA) is the peak body for Muslim students studying at Griffith University in Brisbane_Australia. GUMSA exists to serve the needs of Muslim students and to foster an environment of understanding and respect amongst all students and staff at Griffith University regardless of race, culture or religion. GUMSA endeavors to bring every Muslim student at the University closer to God, through furthering our understanding of the Quraan and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him).

GUMSA also seeks to grow strong ties between the other Muslim Student Association’s in Queensland, namely QUTMSA and UQMSA. Within Griffith, GUMSA shares strong ties with University, with other Muslim organizations (eg. Saudi club), other faith groups, the Griffith Islamic Research Unit (GIRU) and the Multi Faith Centre.

We envision every Muslim graduate from Griffith University as a constructive Muslim leader of Australian society or where ever they reside. We are here as a MSA to serve the needs of the students. Any students in need of assistance in any shape or form is more than welcome to contact the MSA, and InshaAllah the MSA will help students to the best of their abilities.


Give Muslim students a platform for their voices to be heard.
Increase the level of unity amongst Muslim students, regardless of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Welcome new Muslim Students at the university and facilitate their interaction with other Muslim Students through various activities /programs.
Increase Muslim student’s participation in all events hosted by the MSA.
Keep up with current facilities.
Organise events in response to current situations that arise.
Liaise with academic and administrative elements of the university as necessary to enhance the support for services required by Muslim Students.
Increase Inter – MSA activites.
Actively participate in University activities i.e. market days, harmony week and various other multicultural and inter-faith activities.


Throughout the year GUMSA committee members meet to discuss any issues that might arise, and organize events for Muslim students at Griffith. The committee can be easily contacted on the contact details given below. The current committee is made up of:

Adel Bahadded……………President
Maryam Issedeen…………Vice-President
Haneef Magid……………..Committee Member
Rayed Alghamdi…………..Committee Member
Muhammad Al-Musa……..Committee Member
Sukri Palutturi……………..Committee Member