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Declaration of the Union of the Islamic World Students about Recent wise Fatwa Issued by Imam Khamenei
In The Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful
The recent Fatwa (religious decree) of the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran on the prohibition of insulting the companions of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him)as well as his wives and the religious symbols of the Sunni Muslims has receive global welcome by the Shia and Sunni brothers which shows the strong desire of the Islamic Ummah for the consolidation of Islamic Unity to which the almighty God has invited us in the holy Quran: "…and for sure this Ummah of yours is just one Ummah and I'm your lord so only have fear of me [and do not disobey my orders]" Holy Quran, chapter mo'menoon, verse 52.

The enemies of Islamic Ummah, based on their well known principle of "divide and conquer", are making their effort to prevent the formation of unity among Muslims so that they can continue to loot their wealth and keep their domination over Islamic countries.
This is while some of the short sited extremists inside the world of Islam assist this process by taking unwise measures such as insults and statements of excommunication. Such acts are in line with the evil goals of the world arrogance which always seeks to create division among Sunni and Shia brothers and to divert the attention of the public as well as the elites in the Islamic Ummah from the main issues concerning the world of Islam.
On the other hand, the unity making stances taken by Imam Khamenei and his fatwa's and those of other big Ulema (religious authorities) in the world of Islam like the sheikh of Al-Azhar, sheikh Dr.Ahmad al-Tayyib, can be a model for other Islamic scholars to express their opinions on Islamic topics without insulting or excommunicating any group and based on scientific grounds.
The Union of the Islamic World Students views the recent fatwa by Imam Khamenei, which was issued in response to the question of some of the Ulema and elites of the Ihsa region in Arabia and in which he has declared insulting the wives of the holy prophet and religious symbols of Sunni brothers to be haraam (prohibited), as the best example for practical unity in the Islamic Ummah and the best sign of the soundness and healthy condition of the Islamic Ummah and its vigilance against the conspiracies and plots designed for creating sedition in the world of Islam.
The Union of the Islamic World Students once again condemns some extremist behaviors of some elements inside both Islamic sects, who by their insults and statements of excommunication, intentionally or unintentionally, serve the interests of the enemies of Islam and asks the almighty God to bestow dignity and unity upon the Islamic Ummah more than ever and to send his aid and success to those whose effort is to create unity among Muslims.

The central secretariat of
the Union of the Islamic World Students

Mehr 11,1389

October 3, 2010