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Exposing the secret of anchorites

I Shaikh Mohsen Gharaati, an Iranian cleric, wanted to see how did Abutorabi, an Iranian cleric, reach this position; How could he lead tens of thousands of prisoners without any facilities in those hard situations for ten years?

I discovered the secret; a group of Red Cross entered the prisoners’ camp. They visited Abutorabi, and said: “do they torture prisoners here?” Abutorabi dodged, did

not answer, they insisted; He said: “prison is prison, bondage is bondage”, and he dodged and did not answer. The head of torturers was standing there too. Finally they

got tired and went. When they left there, the head of torturers came to Abutorabi and

said: “I myself am the head of torturers, I've tortured you, (they nailed spike into

Abutorabi’s head) Why didn't you mentioned the tortures?” I wanted to answer the

question, but I remembered this verse, (Allah will not grant the unbelievers any way

over the believers) (Surah Nisa verse 141).

Deceased Abutorabi said the torturer: ”You're a Baathist and a torturer, but you are

a Muslim, you believe (there is no God

except Allah)and these red crosses are

Christian and infidel, if I confessed that I am

tortured here , the Christians would

influence on Muslims, but this verse don’t let

me say that. (allah will not grant…) God does

not let the infidels have influence on

Muslims”. The head of torturers was Arabian,

he knew the verse. (Gheraati continues) the Quran gives what instructions and how

much Abutorabi believes in Quran. Torturer said: “Abutorabi! I am sorry for torturing

you, now I want to compensate, not have anything, what can I do to compensate?

Abutorabi said: If you want to compensate, take me to the rest of the prisoners’

camp to talk with them. Torturer said: “ok, but I will take you there on the pretext of

torturing you.

Apparently sometimes I'll torture you to lest the government understand our trick.

Apparently I am a torturer, but I let you go to say whatever you want”. The Baathist

became an Abutorabi’s influencive factor in the Saddam’s system and they took him

from this place to other place and because of his guidance many of the illiterate

prisons became educated, learned Arabic, memorized Quran, learned English, learned

calligraphy and … How our Imams were so popular. Abutorabi’s popularity is because of practicing this verse of Quran and his good deeds, he said: if I confessed that I tortured ,the infidels would influence on Muslims and I prefer to be tortured to let them influence on Muslims.


Author: Shaikh Mohsen Gharaati