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Thirst of light in a distant journey

Ayatollah ... Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi

The first point is that what I saw during this trip (Spain and Latin America), if I had

heard it before my trip, it would have been a legend to me, The Scenes which were imaginable neither to Mr. Rabani nor others and I. Even if you watch the film, you cannot imagine the special mood of the people who were there.

We usually visited different people from various groups there: the church’s men,

men of various religions, as well as with academics and political men as well as radio

interviews, television and the press. Both academics and religious figures really

welcomed us, even I saw the things which I could not imagine before and I would not believe it if someone told me.

You can imagine in your mind that the priest, for example come to Qom to meet teachers of Feyziyeh school. How much he is appreciated and will be respected? In the best case someone visit him, and he will be welcomed briefly.
On the other side, a university vice of a non-Muslim country came to welcome us in the airport and provided her car for us to travel in the city, and he made it possible for us to have several sessions and lectures at the University.

This was the behavior of a professor and assistant of a Christian University with an

Iranian Muslim clergyman. In Sao Paulo, a Cardinal was sitting beside me, while he

was holding my hand with one of his hands and pushed it with devotion, he laid his

other hand on his heart and said: (you are in my heart) and for a moment he did not

leave my hand. After the meeting, the old man came out and when we got on the car

and left there he was still standing there and showing kindness .Buenos Aires city’s

churchman attended a meeting of Muslims, of descendants of Ali (peace be upon

him) and he greatly expressed affection and then again he asked about my health by

phone and he was kind to me.

In the assembly of bishops of Goadalop, a bishop in his speech said: (real faith

does not exist in the West. People in the region do not trust us. They don’t obey our

words .you're the ones who are true believers and also you could keep the unity of

your country with your faith. We need to come and learn from you.)

Importance of these remarks will be clearer when we note that he spoke in the

assembly of the bishops not in a private one. This speech has no interpretation other

than that they really feel that the church has been failed and cannot restore the faith of

people and prevent ethical corruption and they only got hope for Islam. However, we

did not encounter them badly, not to make them sad .we just insisted on the issues

which they believed them too .we insisted on below issues :( wage a campaign

against heresy) and (wage a campaign against moral corruption).

They were so kind to me and sometimes they embraced me kindly that I have

rarely seen this kind of cordial even among my friends .An priest showed round the

church to us in Guadalap. When we wanted to separate and while we were being

filmed, he said to me: (let me hug you), and he hugged me for a while and said : (we

cannot do anything for that). It is you who must be a standard-bearer in monotheism

and fighting against corruption and deviation).

I personally did not believe such a region exists in the world that its people are

interested in Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran, but that's what I saw with my

own eyes. Maybe you do not believe. In Last night of my residence in Buenos Aires,

a Chief of Supreme court in Buenos Aires, who was formerly a head of the University

and now he is a professor of law at the University, invited me to speak about family’s

rights from Islamic standpoint. The hall was crowd and people thronged around the

hall .He said: close the door to prevent the uproar.

More than 90 percent of participants were female professors and students. In

discussion of the rights of families from the standpoint of Islam, the problems of

differences between men and women's rights, inheritance and such things were

discussed. God had mercy that we started with an introduction and finished in a way

that all of them were clapping for a few minutes and this professor who was the Chief

of Supreme Court was clapping too. I asked them to stop clapping ,not to make me

ashamed ,but they were clapping for a few other minutes .This old man embraced me

right there ,and kissed me and signed a diploma of honor and gave it to me and said:

(Wish you came here for a few more sessions and gave a speech).

Many people who had not seen people like our figures and clothes, often when they

saw us, stopped and laughed at us. Those who laughed at us before the meeting, after

the meeting, came and wanted to kiss our hands .In one of these scenes, a female

student came forward among the crowd by pressure and stood beside me, raised her

hand to ask permission to speak. I asked what she wants to say, Translators said that

she says: (I do not know how to express my feelings; I just want to say; thank you

very much.)

The conclusion which we want to reach has two points: One is that all these things

that their brief list was expressed, a seminarian of Qom has done. Fifteen years ago,

Mr. Rabbani who graduated from the DAR RAHE HAGH Institute-went to Argentina

and the activities which has done so far, is because of his efforts .He has expanded

Islam not only in Argentina but also in all Spanish-speaking countries and even Spain

.He has also trained some seminarians of Qom and sent to various cities. This is an

achievement of a seminarian of Qom; it is a wide range of a seminarian’s activity that

can do in the world. He does not have an extraordinary power .This is effort and

sincerity that has created such scenes and such insight about Islam and the Islamic


So the first thing to know is that each of you can do it too. If you make an ambition

and have devotion, God also helps you and blesses your work and the sacred heart of

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) will be happy and pleased with your attempt; Second, we will

be more responsible by this field of acceptance that all classes of people in the world

from religious men to college classes and other people, have.

During this time, in these countries a number of people became Muslim as the

result of the effective ads. People like Mr. Khulyan Zapata (Ali Reza) who is a young

academic and it is for five years since he has became a Muslim .He has been in the

service of Mr. Rabbani for a few months and somehow has learned Islamic cultures

and now Columbia Universities and other scientific centers invite him to give a

speech. He does not attend in these places by force and does not impose himself on

people but universities invite him and are ready to bear high costs in his lecture.

Amount of his religious education goes back to the a few months when he was in

the service of Mr. Rabbani. Of course, he studies hard, he is very active and he seems

as a compact energy. He showed me several programs. Sometimes he organized the

programs from morning to noon, four or five programs of a radio interview, inviting

parliament members to lecture in universities, questioning and answering and he

declared: if you stay, I will set the program in 60 universities for you.

In Cuba - a country that is Marxist and have labored for decades to remove religion

completely from society and somehow they have succeeded - a university professor

knelt in front of me twice ,and kissed my hand and said: (pray for my parents ,please

give me a Quran in Spanish).

What did he want us to do and what did we have for him? This Professor who was

a male Marxist, ardently praised Islam and Iran in front of the assistant Professor and

the other professors and when he wanted to describe Imam, he became emotional and

no longer able to control himself. He said: (I want to have a research on a mysterious


All the various academic and church officials who we visited, showed their love to

Imam, knew Imam as the epitome of sincerity ,and they had been interested in Islam

for his sake and among the Islamic classes they had been interested in Shi'ism;

because they had believed that he did not work for his interests. When a Christian and

a cardinal show their love to Imam, how can we explain it?

However, these feelings more or less exist in other countries, the fact is that I have

traveled to many countries but I had not seen such scenes anywhere .The people who

live there, are good-natured that they speak frankly. If they believe something, they

accept that they believe it and if they do not believe something, they accept that they

do not believe it. Despite the serious cultural differences between their customs and

Islamic teachings, especially in women's issues, while we were talking about these

issues and were criticizing them, or finding them guilty, they were clapping

cheerfully, and showed their love to us.

A Christian student and a Jewish student participated in Guadalupe’s lecture .First

the Jewish student spoke and then the other who was Christian, said: (I do not flatter,

I do not claim in front of you, but I have seen the light of God with you during these

two nights when you gave a speech in this college). It was a lot of such interpretation;

even some priests and bishops said: (God have sent you here to restore his religion.)

The petitions were just for giving a message which I took from this trip. I request

you that first realize the worth of Islam and then study how much field of activity is

in the world, and what a great responsibility we have.


1 - Buenos Aires

2 - Guadalupe

* Derived from the book of Welcome the Sun’s West, the work of Ayatollah Mesbah

Yazdi, Publication of Educational and Research Institute of Imam Khomeini (God

bless him)