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Historic Fatwa About Bahrain Massacre

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The issue that is now important is this … what is really important and believers should inform each other is this issue: The oppression that is now in Bahrain… not only Shi’ah and Muslims of Bahrain… in this insurgence by foreign countries over a shelter less nation… this does not lead to any rest for Muslims… this tragedy is impossible to tell.

The tragedy is this… a group of Muslims… a group of believers is killed by Jews and Christians. For our claims are reasonable, any of our claims has a proof… and it is unchangeable.  Someone may say those who have come are from Muslim states… why do you say that Jews and Christians are murdering the people of Bahrain? The issue is provable.

We ask this question which one of them has no friendly relation with the presidents of Europe and America? Which one of them has no friendly relation? Where is the human conscience?

But the great issue the Qur’an reads: O you who have faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for allies: they are allies of each other. Any of you who allies with them is indeed one of them.
Indeed Allah does not guide the wronging lot.  This is also the Qur’an. According to the human conscience and the Qur’an… Jews and Christians murder Muslims in Libya and Bahrain and in every country these Muslims have moved to restore their rights.
Now, this is the astonishing issue. This issue should be taken into consideration. It is not trivial issue. The group who so called defend human rights… Should I have an opportunity, I shall prove that all human rights bodies in civilized states are in fact the societies of crimes and against human rights. For example, they have kept silent in relation to these issues, later, they justify it… for they are united.
It is not dispatching army to Bahrain? According to international laws…of course, they are bloody fools… according to the laws of the cooperation States Council, should a foreign country attack one of them, the member country can go for help.
This is right, but here, the people of Bahrain have moved, not a foreign country has attacked Bahrain. Definitely, the cooperation council is in fact a cooperation council for few families. That is a royal family of that country has a convention with each other. Should his nation moves against this family that family will go for help and so on.
This is human rights? This is what some Western individuals claim? They have convention. Therefore, attacking Bahrain by these countries is lawful. Attacking Bahrain is lawful! , that is, human rights are to defend the royal family of Bahrain.
The rights of such and such Libyan man… the rights of such a family who have plundered oil reservoirs for centuries and the wealth is distributed among one family. This is human rights? This is oppression. Muslims’ burden is so important.

In the end, the holy Prophet’s words: Believers are like one body in their behavior and dealing with each other. In fact, may all people’s souls be sacrificed for such saying.

O who have faith in Pakistan, India, Iran, Turkey and wherever a believer is. Verily, believers in their behavior and dealing with each other are one body, should one of them faces a problem, and others will go for help.
Should a part of the body faces a problem, other limbs will go for help. If it so, that pure young, with that intention was so murdered that is untold. He was soiled with his blood in Bahrain, whereas believers in the world are resting?
It is the duty of any Muslim to help the oppressed people of Bahrain and others as far as he can. What a people! From which country! It is a country in which a “Sayyid Bahraini” moved and revived the narrations. It is a country in which the writer of book al-Hada’iq (jurisprudential periodical) moved so strongly.
It was from Tahara (purity) to the end. He finished it strongly. These people are heirs of these evolutions and sciences. These sincere people are standing against the plunderers who are ready to sell their country to infidels of Europe and America.