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A Survey on Anti-Islamism in the West

Islam as the last divine religion is not just symbol of a faith but is performing a great civilization. Samuel P. Huntington was the first person that declared the fear of Islam basically, and believed that the main problem of Europe is not the extremist Islamism; but, is that Islam is a civilization that its followers believe its superiority among other civilizations. The reason of this declaration is the centuries of dark relations between Islam and Christianity. The west view Islam as a single ideology that is drawn in history and not able to perform any change and innovation, and Muslims are introduced as unaware followers of their ancestors. This superficial viewpoint about Islam caused the representation of some derivative intersections between Islam and secularism in the forming of premodern and modern religions that have made some special consequences.

Today the Muslims are all around the world and Islam is getting spread in different forms. The Muslims spreading in the west and the tendency to encounter them has resulted some legislations and passing of laws in the western countries. 5% of the 425 million population of Europe are Muslim. 4.5 million in France, 3 million in Germany, and 1.6 million in England are the most populated centers of Muslims; for other countries like Austria and Belgium, in relation to their land extent, having about Half a million Muslim population has a considerable importance.

It's obvious that the effect of the existence of such extended creative and young social group on codifying the future policies of the countries is not ignorable. Unfortunately Islam, as a developing civilization, is viewed as a security issue and it’s the result of anti-Islamic policies and Institutionalism. In fact, the west, by considering Islam as a threat for their existence, has pursued some policies that has resulted the increase in extremism against Islam and Muslims. The western politicians, along with considering Islam as a security threat against them, combine it with the Immigrating background, socio-economical poverty and the war against terrorism, and declare that there is relation between Islam and immigrants.

This matter has caused the legislation of restricted immigration laws, for the Muslim immigrants, that mean the Muslim group of immigrants must get more adapted with the social life style of the host country more than others. This is considerable that the opposition against immigration in European countries has reduced and turned to Islamophobia, and the terrorism issue is derived more from political viewpoints, and that means there is an attempt to create such fake imagination that there is a potential relation between Muslims and terrorism. Apart from the issue of Muslim immigrants, the difference between the radical Islam (bad) and a lawful Islam (good) in the west is the reminder of this assumption that Islam is a potential threat for the society, and consequently the Muslims must be obedient and reasonable.

The next process in the west is using some Muslim Prolocutors to criticize Islam and Muslims. This Muslim group that has western tendencies, through imposing some intensive viewpoints and Castigating against Islam, is trying to conform to the overbearing culture of the west. Doubtlessly, this process is the increase of threats against the great divine civilization of Islam. Apart from all these concerns, Muslims are dealing with some different challenges in the west.

For instance, the difficulty of performing the devotional activities in the regnant Christian culture even with considering the freedom in religion in the west is obvious. The problem of accepting hijab in west because of considering it more to be a political act than being devotional and relatively so many laws have been legislated against it. On the other side, the opposing of local groups against building Mosques and complaining about traffic and noise is the sign of opposing of west against a sensible cooperation with Islam. Another problem of Muslims in the west is the religious education in schools and Mosques. The organized restrictions in presence of Imams, and fear from religious speeches, are some of other problems. These issues is representing the attempts of west in preventing Islam to be realistically accepted, and getting adapted with regnant situation, and they believe the presence of Islam in Europe to be a big issue and unacceptable, and through proposing the idea that religion is not able to lead the society to prosperity and welfare, they place it in an inappropriate social place.

The Muslims tendency to be away from performing a sensible part in economical and social affairs has resulted in legislation of discriminated laws against them. The insufficiency in the education of the youth, with background in Islamic countries, in Europe in middle or even lower levels, in comparison with other parts of the society, is another tool to spread an inappropriate image of Islam. Living in improper condition and incompatible social situation and having the least social facilities, and presenting of the violence resulted from the deprivation for the western Muslims, is another way of overstating the unreal threat of Islam for the social structures, and the 9/11 incident enforced this process. Muslim in western societies are viewed as a foreign enemy; thus, have the least social and legal facilities; and, all these affairs are considered as the Uninterrupting attempt of west to prevent and stop the spread of real Islam in West and world.

Why the west is scared of Islam?

To answer the above question the following could be considered:

A.                   The fear of losing domination and superiority: after the diminishing of communism, the only system that is able to challenge the capitalism in theoretically is Islam. Muslims believe that the economical system which is ordered by God is much superior than the system which is formed with the purpose of serving the west and on the other hand they believe in the independency and political freedom and consider it to be against the west capitalism.

B.                   Concern of the change in the norms: the western philosophy has tried in the recent centuries to erase the religious aspects of the human life, and it's because, Islam by its presence in the world not only is going to perish the human made and acquisitive values but also it will revive and promote the divine principles and criterions in all aspects of human life.

C.                   Concerns about reduce in supports from Israel: the increasing population of Muslims in the world could affect the illegal existence of Israel, this increase affects through disrupting the political power balance by rising the amount of votes and expanding the political participation of Muslims in the western structures. Thus, the power of Jews and supporting lobby of Israel would get challenged. This is obvious that the inability of declaring the concerns about reduce in support from Israel, has led the west to project an unrealistic fear of Islam and connecting and addressing it with terrorism.

D.                   Concern about uprising of Muslim governments: the main concern of the west is establishment of Islamic government and expanding its domination around the world, in this way, Islam will raise as a new solution reference for the world and in encountering the inability of the west in dealing with challenges, introduces new approaches.

The western politicians explained Islam as dangerous as communism in 1995 and expressed it as the global competitor of liberalism, in consequence they have started cold war against Islam and it got followed by weaponry wars: in Persian Gulf, Sudan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechen, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In fact, the radical and fundamental Islam is a shroud for the west to continue opposing Islam and maintaining the Muslim supporters of west unaware of the truth.

Along these activities the west is managing a war in four levels against Islam:

1.                     In elite level by people like Huntington or authors of journals and magazines, etc by the purpose of denouncing Islam.

2.                     In Media and entertainment level, people like Hal Lindsay and Steve Emerson; perform unrealistic shows as the documentary productions and relate Muslims to terrorism and depravity.

3.                     In political level people like Gore and Bodansky, and some other politicians through legislating laws against terrorism and putting Muslim countries under sanctions based on false and unreal accusations.

4.                     In religious level fanatic people like Robert Murray, have encountered not only Islam but also the Islamic principles and resources, and distort them through inserting unreal issues in the body of Islam.

5.                     In public level, is pursuing a kind of confusion and chaos in relation to Islam, and by considering false and fictitious Islamic sects highlighting them, are trying to hide the reality of Islam under cover of them.


The preventive strategies of west against spreading of Islam

A.       Causing fear and hatred of Islam: considering this purpose, the west through weakening of the legitimacy in principles of political systems and projecting delusive accusations inside the countries, prepares the situation for an unrest or civil war and simultaneously through planning some factitious claims related to the national government, reduces its reliability in regional and international affairs, along with maintaining their legitimacy of interfering under covers of peace keeping or humanitarian actions, to continue the attempts to undermine the political, military and economical powers, and stabilizes the weakening by its military presence. By addressing and relating the subversive events in west to Islam and declaring Muslims to be terrorists, to enhance their position, encountering Islam and Islamophobia in world. This is considerable that the Zionist regime as a terrorist regime which is based on terrorism and is maintaining through terrorism is not in accusation circle and believe itself to be the victim of terrorism. These prove that under the inability of weak Islamic countries and utilizing of west from the dependency and unawareness of them is Islam is being destructed. In this issue, the fanatic Christians play a very sensible role in encountering Islam, they distort the beliefs about Allah and organizing severe assault against prophet Muhammad and state that the holy Quran is a weak simulation of Gospel. It seems that the hatred of Islam among them is such strong that they are not going to consider Islam as a proper substitute of Christianity.

B.       To create schism among Muslims: the most Important strategy of the west in this context is spreading of schism and expanding war among Islamic countries to make them consume their resources and potentials and weakening of their governments. In recent 6 centuries the policy of "make schism and rule"(the internal conflict between Shia and Sunni) is one of the main principles of the west in Muslim countries.

C.       Supporting secular Muslims: unlike other Muslims that desire the establishment of Islam as a comprehensive life system, the secular Muslims are being supported by the west. In this order the different Islamic sects through removing Islam from social, economical and political aspect of the human life, and restricting it inside Mosques like Christianity, are moving toward the interests of the west.

D.       Supporting pseudo Islam sects: there are so many pseudo Islam sects in the west that has been made and supported by the west. These sects operate in the name of Islam, whereas their beliefs and actions are in contrary with the Islamic thoughts of holly Quran and Hadith.


By: Fatima Alishah



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