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Ergenekon in Turkey 2


Aside the evidences represented by a judicial organization in the morning newspaper of turkey "Sabah" that were published in 2008, the Ergenekon organization has 6 columns with the Subsidiaries responsible individuals.

·         The interior and secret department: consists of Veli Kucuk, Muzafar Tekin.

·         The lobbies: Zekeriya Ozturk, Kemal Kerincsiz, Ismail Yildiz, and Orkut Orsoy.

·         The public based organizations: Soguli Arenorul, Kemal Kerincsiz.

·         The advertisement, theoretical and intelligence department: Dogu perincek.

·         The Mafia department: Veli Kucuk, Muzafar Tekin.

·         The underground connections: Ali Yasak, Sami Hoshtan, Semih Tufan, Sedat Peker.

·         The head of terrorist department: Veli Kucuk, Dogu perincek.

·         The university department: kemal Yalcin, Emin Gurses, Habibe Omid Sain.

·         The information gathering and research: Muhammad Zakaria.

·         The Judiciary department: Kemal Kerincsiz, Fuat Turgut, Nusret Senem.


That from all these departments it was only the theory department that got discovered in 2008. Despite the obvious role of Rushen Kucuk in Ergenekon, some people consider him as the head of Ergenekon. Shamel tire in the Star daily newspaper stated that the Veli Kucuk is not even in the top 10 persons in Ergenekon, and the identity of the top head of Ergenekon is known just by the national Security Council. Some journalist predicted some names for the head of Ergenekon but none of them has given reliable and realistic evidences in this issue. But what is considerable now is that the identity of the head of Ergenekon is not clear for anyone.

The name of Ergenekon:

There are 2 interpretation of the name of this group; some believe that the name is derived from the Ergenekon legend, and some other say that it is a derivation of the name of the Veli Kucuk's preceptor (Najmeddin Ergenekon): but, Ergenekon by stating that his name is darkened by terrorism took himself away from this group.

Detection of Ergenekon:

However the existence of Ergenekon was considered from years ago, but the official interrogation got began in 2007.the case of Ergenekon was raised when a spy by the name of Tonjeni Ghoni was arrested. It is said that he was arrest because of being accused of a murder but by the purpose of detecting the organization. The police revealed 6 bags of information from his house in an inspection. A month later Fehmi koru (columnist) that had a good connection with the government, represented the first news by the title of "Ergenekon, analysis, structure, leadership, and its development project".

Tonjeni's trial:

The lawsuit of a spy named Tonjeni Ghoni that was working with the name of Ipek was officially proclaimed in 2001. Tonjeni Ghoni claimed that he was working under surveillance of Muhammad Amour, which was officially a subset of the Anti-terrorism department of the national intelligence organization. Amour denied this claim completely and state that the department was dissolved in 1997. The case of Ghoni and his relation with the intelligence organization and National Security Council was so complicated; he introduced himself as the agent of National Security Council and the council has denied this claim and any other relation with him, and Tonjeni was accused of penetrating inside the army intelligence through Ergenekon in 1992. He explained the fake plate of his car as the arrest reason of him in 2001, but apparently, he got released by the order from top officials. He got arrested and interrogated in 2008 and the court rose up the issue of his relation with Ergenekon again, in addition the court declared his previous case to be open, and the attorney said that they have received some information about Ghoni from the Interpol, and claimed that he is a wanted international criminal, in answer Ghoni considered all the information to be fake. The case of Ghoni rose up a lot of controversy among journalists. Aydin Dogan claimed that he was being suggested by Veli Kucuk not to publish anything about Ergenekon. In December 2008, Ghoni claimed that he was offered to be bribed by the journalist from Hurriyet newspaper in order to prevent him from talking to newspaper about Ergenekon, but the Hurriyet news paper denied this claim.

The Aynin Baber trial:

The head of a drug trafficking group by the name of Baber, had a 10.30 hour confession for police about Ergenekon that was represented in September 27, 2006. He met someone suspected of having relation with Ergenekon, named Muzafar Tekin, through someone named Bash Oglu, in 2005, and Tekin declared that he has connection inside the military and intelligence organizations. Bash Oglu has had said to Baber that he was a member of national powers and he had mission of doing schism actions in the case of Harnet Dink murder. He gave Baber a Kalashnikov weapon. Baber is now present as a testifier in Ergenekon trials.

The handmade bombs in Omranieh:

 The official investigations began after the recovery of handmade bombs and grenades from Omranieh region in June 12, 2007. In the investigation, 27 handmade bombs were recovered from the roof and inside nylon bags that were planted in one of the most crowded local regions. The serials of the bombs where similar to serials of the bombs exploded in August 3, 2008 in Turkey. The following investigation from Takin's house revealed some evidences about the Ergenekon lobby and the role of it in these events. This information caused the reopening of the case of Tonjeni Ghoni.

The military connections:

According to an article in Zaman newspaper, there are considerable connections between Ergenekon and military organizations; Organizations like PKK, the communist Marxist-Leninist party and the royalist party in Turkey. Zaman newspaper according to declaration of Oruk Ogli, senior intelligence official, states that the mentioned organizations have expanded interrelationships, and Abdullah Öcalan himself is an Ergenekon member. Zaman writes that the X-head of PKK, Semdin Sakik, states in his own confessions that the Ergenekon network has a close and vast relationship with several groups.

According to Sakik confession, he had connections with the members of a group heading by Muhammad yildirim, and also with the head of Mafia group, Basil (his name is in the case of Susurluk too). Sakik states that Ergenekon had close connection with PKK to fulfill its intentions. This cooperation were often done with Dogu perincek, the head of labor party, and some other members, and also Jamil Bayk, one of the main top leaders of PKK, was among these members.

The planning for Coup de Tate in 2009:

One the most important accusations of Ergenekon, is the planning of Coup De Tate for the year 2009. The main designers and operators of the Coup De Tate where General Kemal Yavuz and Tonjer Cling; Yavuz was the coordinator of Ankara forces and Cling were the coordinator of Istanbul forces. Both general were arrested in 2009.


According to mentioned contents, some believe that the government should end up the Ergenekon case to prevent further damages to the Judiciary and government's body. In contrast, the government supporters believe the focus on the case, and trying the trials in civil courts, to be a very important step in stabilizing democracy and encountering Mafia bands and corruption in Turkey. They refer to the similar trials in Italy and America that was a great destructive hit for the underground mafia groups, to prove their claim. From each side that you look at the case, it’s the sign of existence of deep gaps among the elites of turkey, which is different from the religious and ethnic gaps, thus the stand point and the way of deali9ng with them will affect the future political stability of Turkey. While the government supporters emphasis on the impartial stand point, the opposition groups and on the top of them the peoples public party, believe this case to be a political revenge of Erdogan, from his oppositions, and covering the weaknesses of the government.

The ordinary people are looking uncertainly and with ambiguity to the outcome and result of this case, and not reaching to a final decision and result about this case has doubled the concerns of people. It's impossible to judge about the nature of Ergenekon before official declaration of charges and the final sentences. The sentences will reveal if the top leaders of this group were of members of mafia bands that are being supported by some bureaucrats, militaries, and extremist politicians and their purpose is to prevent weakening of the Kemalism Ideology, or not.

However fundamental changes in any society, including Turkey, has its opponents, and whatever the changes are deeper and faster the opposition activities are mush extremist; but the author believes that the existence of Ergenekon has two dimensions; however Ergenekon is considered to be real and actual, but typically itself is a consideration of a meaning for justice and development in the internal explanation, and this will cause internal consistency in the future campaigns of this group, and on the other hand justice and development is viewed as a mean for bargaining and putting the parties opposite of reform, militaries and justice under pressure.

By: Naser Pour Ibrahim