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The arrival of Jews to Arab Island (Jaziratolarab) and causes of their policies
As the Islam is the chosen religion by the almighty God and is along other religions and is absolute, thus, all followers of other previous religions are obliged to obey the holly prophet of Islam. Certainly, those who does not, will be punished. Islam ends all other previous religions.

At the beginning, the whole Hijaz was filled by idolatry and just in parts of this country there was a group named”Hanifs”. The Jews were in Yasrib and Yemen and the Christians in Najran. On the exact date of the Jews settling in Jaziratolarab, especially in Yasrib, there exist some unproved suggestions by the historians.

Some have declared the reason in this way: “the first settlers of Hijaz were a group named” Amaliq” which would rule the people through oppression. The Moses sent them an army from Israelites to fight them and ordered to kill them all.

Their army entered Hijaz and killed them all, but the son of their governor who was so beautiful. As they reached the sham, the Moses was dead and the Israelites objected that why they haven’t killed this guy and disobeyed the Moses order.

So they didn’t let them enter their country. The army decided to return to Hijaz and settle where they conquered that group. Therefore, they went to some where nearby Yasrib and settled there.

Although this story is somehow famous, Soheil does not accept it and find it incompatible with the Moses age. Also a contemporary author regarding this point notes that: “the date that is suggested the first Jewish group entered Hijaz is combined with myth”.

Of course there are controversial points in this report. The point that the prophet insisted on killing everybody or the objection of the Israelites for not killing that boy seems more to be a story.

Some sources consider their immigration reason as the oppression of the roman government. It is obvious that the Jaziratolarab region was not suitable from the viewpoint of economical resources and life was much hard there. Thus, there must have been another reason for the Jews to immigrate.

The historic and Koranic evidence reveals that the Jews had travelled to Hijaz in pursuit of another prophet and their own interests. Abu Basir cites from Imam Sadiq that:”the Jews had read in their book s that the location of Muhammad’s migration was somewhere between Eirwahid mountains. So they hit the road to find this mountain and when they found them, they settled there.

By reading the holly Quran, we find out that the name of the holly prophet (peace be upon him) had been in old books. Certainly, the Quran informs us from the name and descriptions of the holly prophet. Some of these verses are cited below:

1. (Those to whom we have granted the holly book, knows him (the prophet) well, as they know their children. only those who have lost their inner interest do not believe)

2. Muhammad (PBUH), the messenger of God, and his followers are severe
against non-believers and kind with mercy among themselves. This is their
descriptions in Bible and Torah.

3- (and remember when the Jesus ,son of Mary said: Israelites, I’m the messenger of God for you, and I admit the rightness of the previous book(Torah) and inform you of a prophet coming after me, and his name is Ahmed. when he(Ahmed) came to them with obvious signs and miracles, they said” this is an obvious magic”.

4- Those who obey the illiterate messenger of God, the prophet that they can find his signs in Torah and Bible that they have. Regarding these news, especially those in Torah, all religions including the Jews were awaiting the appearance of a prophet. Because they wanted to renew their power by this last prophet and they had no other goal. Little by little the time bea that for the holly prophet came. Their news was informing them the appearance of the prophet. Therefore, due to the signs of the holy book, they looked for the location of the appearance.

The hints of Torah would also guide them toward this place. The alternation of these holly places is worthy of notice. First, the mount of Sina. Second, Saeer in Alkhalil and third the emergence of Muhammad from Faran mountain. A region that is known to be the mountains around Mecca.

Denial after Waiting :

The historians have a citation from Ibne-abbas that the Jews before Islam would tell Ows and Khazraj tribes that “through the last prophet we will conquer you.
But they denied him after his emergence.”Maazebne-jabal” and “Bashar Ibn Bara” told them: “be virtuous and believe to Islam, because when we were atheist, you would describe Muhammad for us”.” Salame Ibn Moshkam” a Jewish, said: The one, who we were speaking of, is not Muhammad. He has not brought what is known for us.” Then, verse 89 of Baqare was sent to the prophet:

(And when God sent them a book, compatible with their signs, while they would encourage themselves of their victory against infidels, when the book and the prophet they knew was sent, they denied. O may lord, damn the infidels.)
One of the measures taken by the Jews after appointing the holly prophet (PBUH) was denial of their previous statements predicting the emergence of the last prophet.

Undoubtedly, the tribe of Jews long before the emergence of Islam were waiting for a prophet whose signs were compatible with the one appeared among Ghoraish, but for some reasons they denied him as their prophet and they said Muhammad is not the one we were looking for, Because Muhammad was from the generation of Ismael, not Isaac.

In other words they believed the last prophet would be someone from Israelites, while the holy prophet was Arab. The jealousy of the Jews which is pointed out in some verses of Quran is based on this point and also their racism. This verse of Koran also indicates their racism: “Say: oh, Jews, if you think that you’re the only friends of Allah, so wish your death if you tell the truth and reach your lover.”

Ibn Ishagh cites from Safie, the daughter of Hoye Ibn Akhtar who was captured as the prisoner of the war and then married the holy prophet cites that when the holy prophet migrated to Medina and settled in Qoba, my father and uncle went to him in an early morning and came back the next day. I ran toward them as usual but they didn’t accept me as every day.

They were in a deep sorrow. My uncle, Abu Yaser, told my father “was he (the prophet) the one we were waiting for?”My father replied: “yes, I swear to God yes! My uncle said “so what are you going to do now?” he said” up to my lifetime, I will be his enemy”.

It is cited from Salamat Ibn Ansari that before Islam there was a Jew in our neighborhood .once he stood in front of the people of my tribe and talked about resurrection, the hell and paradise.

His addressees were atheists. They did not believe the life after death, hell or paradise. They were all surprised and told him: what is your sign? The Jewish said” a prophet will be chosen in this land (he pointed toward Mecca).
They asked “when? “ He pointed toward me as a child and said “if he stays alive, he will see him”.
Salameh says when the holy prophet was chosen we believed him and that Jewish guy did not because of his jealousy. We told him “weren’t you the one speaking those words? He said “yes, but he is not the one I was talking about”.

When Islam reached Medina and the Jews saw themselves in danger, and besides they did not want to obey the holy prophet, they took military measures.
They would annoy the Muslims, sometimes by their ridiculous poems about the holy prophet and etc. they also once arranged to kill the prophet, but Gods will was something else.

On the other hand, based on the prophet’s duty which is to invite the people to the righteousness, he would use the slightest chances to inform the people and save them from ignorance.

To be continued…

By: Muhammad Muhammadi