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Political potentials
Today, what results to the importance and empowering of a state is other countries attention and the away they seek their interests in that country.
These interests might be long or short term, national, religious, economical, political, military and etc. based on this ground, the media may help proximity and also the distance of the countries and nations and intensifying the effects of the countries discourse.

Political interactions, task force meetings, disputes and their solutions, intermediations and etc. might be the sign of states importance in the eyes of other states and states which results into the nation’s intimacy. Turkey’s mediation between Iran and 5+1 could be discussed in this context.

Accepting turkey’s mediation with china and Russia on the other side shows their importance in each other’s eyes. By doing this, besides intensifying the importance of regional subjects among their nations, it results to the intimacy of the states and nations and also undermining the importance of the western countries in the international stage which through holding such conferences in their countries have always attracted the attentions toward themselves.

Maybe these meetings in turkey is the start point of revealing the potential of Islamic countries with the aim of resolving the international conflicts and decreasing the foreign powers intervention to their benefit.

Continuing this process in long term would even result to transferring international organizations and institutes to the Islamic countries, Insha’Allah.