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Islamic Iraq versus American Iraq

The cases of Palestine and Iran have always been two disagreement points between United States and the world of Islam.

Palestine has known as the beating heart of the Islamic world and Iran as the think-tank and the regenerative of counter hegemony movements throughout the world, especially in the world of Islam.

The United States has always tried to push Iran toward its pre-revolution condition with a government having an Islamic appearance but a secular entity in nature and also the U.S. regional ally.

It has used all its potentials including sanctions and soft threats. But among these has benefited mainly from direct military threats along with economical and diplomatic sanctions.

Thus, they prepared the basis of blockading Iran through military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and by their military forces in occupied countries and their allied countries, following the September 11 th events.

In this process, Afghanistan was attacked first, because the world community acceptance about using the 7th chapter of the U.N charter was much easier.

Therefore, the U.S along with several other countries, including the European countries attacked Afghanistan and settled a pro –American sate there through several steps.

By strengthening and landing the forces, Iran was confronted directly by Western forces, especially the Americans.

In next step Iraq was attacked with the allegation of having WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) by the U.S and U.K, thus, Baghdad was occupied in 19 th of Farwardin.

In this process the U.S focused especially on these points:

A) Saddam's collapse results in the satisfaction of Shias and Iran and the displeasure of Sunnis and some Arab countries.

B) In order to attack Baghdad, the best way is to enter from the south and proceed through Shia settling regions.

It was certain for the Americans that they were even expecting Shias celebration at the time of their arrival.

After occupying Baghdad and gaining control over the country and also widespread presence of the western forces in Iraq, the U.S desired blockade was seemingly completed.

The first signs were Sadaabad meeting and Tehran’s agreement to halt the nuclear program.

Its evidence was Tony Blair’s statement that “We picked the Iraq fruit in Sadabaad”.

But this process stopped for some reasons that we are not going to explain. It is just considerable that Iran’s 2009 election was important.

The U.S planned a program for the formation of pro-American government.

This process is elaborated in 4 stages a below:

1- The development of an American military government during a 6 month period with the aim of security and repression of those opposing.

2- Forming a consultation group along with an American military government in a 6 to 12 month period with the aim of continued repression and preparing the constitution.

3- Forming the interim Iraqi government in a 6 month period for writing down the constitution for holding the election in order to confirm the constitution and thus, the establishment of a dependent government.

4- The establishment of an official government.

During Iran - Iraq war and eve before the war, Saddam deported old and powerful Muslim tribes and even Iraqi Kurd groups while they mostly immigrated to Iran and settled there.
Meanwhile Iranian government welcomed those immigrants, so that in some cases they even took part in Iran – Iraq war in favor of Iran.

Living, educating and deepening their Islamic beliefs in Iran created a very powerful resource for the Islamic community through their return to their country.

After forming American military government in Iraq by Paul Bremers and through proceeding to the second stage of their plan, these individuals were considered, so that 24 out 32 Iraqi constitutions group members with the task of consultation and preparing the arrangements for writing down the constitution were considered among the Muslim community.

These individuals could prepare the arrangements for writing down the constitution according to Islamic principles.

In the next stage Iraqis could arrange and approve the constitution through a referendum in accordance with the Islamic principles and against the U.S will.

In this constitution there were several articles in contrary to the U.S which were explicitly in accordance with the Islamic world and Iraqi nation interests:

1- The consistency of the approved laws of the parliament with the holy religion of Islam.

2- Choosing the president, the vice president, the ministers and the military commanders by the peoples vote.

3- Not using the Iraq soil for the purpose of attacking Iraq neighbors by a third country which in fact weakens the U.S threat and danger against Iran.

Creative and thoughtful Iraqi individuals in different steps of the U.S plan in Iraq could change the results of the previous stages as the 4th stage was completely different with what the U.S expected and thus, the very first Iraqi official government had an Islamic awakening attitude.

Maliki's government focused on three main points in its first period including:

- Disengaging Iraq from the 7th chapter of the U.N charter in which the U.N permits the use of force by other countries against any country who threatens the international security. (After attacking Kuwait in 1990, Iraq was entitled under this chapter)

- U.S and western forces disengagement from Iraq and controlling the security by the Iraqis in the whole country.

- The development of the Iraqis economy and also its relations with the international community, especially the Muslim countries of the region and their investment in this country.

Generally in the case of Iraq, its political future and its interactions with its neighbors, we must first consider the goal of Islamic interests.

Thus, all the potentials of Muslim neighboring countries must be first used for the purpose of Islamic interests’ promotion.

Iran and Syria as two counter- hegemony Muslim countries at its neighbors, along with its other neighbors must try to become united with Iraq and also develop unity among Iraqi coalitions.

Therefore, in order to form a powerful coalitional government we must try to coordinate all groups’ views in Iraq.

Those countries who love Islamic Iraq and the anti-hegemony campaign must never devote themselves to their short term interests in Iraq. They must remember that Islam would win through the conquer of hearts.

Considering these points result in the stability and victory of Iraq and also strengthening the anti- hegemony strategy. It is remarkable that Iran, Iraq and all Muslim countries should be unified over key points and avoid from insisting on disagreement points.

By: Sayyed Muhammad Safavi