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Middle East developments after the Islamic Revolution
Dr. Majid Safataj is an active author in the field of Palestine and the world of Islam. He was born in 1961 and has been an active member of holy Qods Freedom Society.

One of his most important publications is “the general lexicon of Palestine”. Among many publications focused on the influence of the Islamic revolution on contemporary world, “middle east developments after the Islamic revolution“ is worthy of notice.

Beside a survey on recent 30 years developments of the Middle East, he mentions the influence of the Islamic revolution on these developments based on several documents. Thus, even by merely reading the citations, the author’s means becomes clear.

This book is written down in 14 chapters. In the very first chapter, the military occupation of Iran by Iraq and the logics of the western and eastern powers agreement with Iraq on Iran’s occupation and imposing the war is elaborated in details which reveals the superpowers fear from the forward approach of the revolution and its influence on the people of the region and their support for attacking Iran.

In this chapter the author would elaborate the situation in a way that in spite of little remarks to the effects of the Islamic revolution on Middle East developments, the audience would indirectly conceive the point.

Thus, it should be mentioned that the author has provided its main theoretical discussion in the very first chapter.

The chapters are as below:
1- Military occupation of Iraq by Iraqi Baath party
2- Pervasive assault of Israel to Lebanon
3- Formation of Lebanon Islamic Resistance (Hezbollah)
4- Palestinian first Intifada
5- Occupation and liberation of Kuwait
6- Middle east peace talks and Israeli ad Arabian peace talks
7- 16 days assault of Israel against Lebanon in 1996
8- Formation of Palestine Autonomous State
9- Israelis’ retreat from southern Lebanon in 2000
10- Alaqsa Intifada
11- Occupation of Iraq
12- Israel’s retreat from Gaza strip
13- 33 days war between Israel and Hezbollah
14- Israeli – Lebanese prisoner exchange in 2008

At the end of the book besides coming to know the effects of the Islamic revolution on the Middle East developments, you would also get acquaintance with the Islamic awakening process in the Middle East.