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Take it Easy!
Whatever you reap is what your hands have brought about. This is Allah’s justice. He gave us the power to do either good or to do evil. Rewards are the blessings for Allah’s faithful servants.
But Allah gives more. He rewards the good ten times more than the punishment for a bad deed. It’s His Mercy. Islam was sent to make life easy for us.

It’s true that whatever good we do it returns to us. Whatever good comes from Allah, and whatever is bad come from man. A person may become victim of somebody’s bad deeds. So refuge with Allah is always the best thing to do.

Have heard the three types of relationship between man and God? The first is like that between a master and a slave, wherein God is followed because of fear of punishment. The second is like that between traders expecting rewards for every deed.
The third is of the worshipper who worships God because he is the only One worthy of being worshipped. The last, we may observe is the deal and the best. It points out that God, the All-Knowing, knows what is best for us.
We follow and ask only His help, aware that God is the only One worthy of being close and near to. This also means being near to those believers who always remember God.

How can we get near to Allah? With taqwa or piety. It is the simple way to become near to the Most High. It means letting the teachings of Allah enter our souls and bodies. And acting on the teachings of Allah as imparted to us by the Prophet(s). In other words, obedience and belief in Allah, especially His Beneficence and Mercy, should overcome us.

You may think that this is difficult. But actually, it is not. Because Islam, the religion with God, was revealed to make life easy for us and help us to prosper in this world and the hereafter. So, take it easy.

Maryam Tamhidi