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The silent victims
Raping women and girls is one of the eldest extended features of the wars, frequently, the females are considered as the plunders, and the beginning of their entanglement and murdering them is abusing their honor which is raping them. In wars which have an extraordinary mannish feature, rape has a special incident. Especially in the contemporary era, rape has been handled as a mean of horrifying and terror and forcing societies and greater populations for giving up or escaping.
They have used this issue as a mean for embarrassing men of the local society through showing that they are not able to defend their women against violating their honor, the security forces around the world have used rape as a method of torture. (A method that got so popular in 1970s and 1980s, at the time of "the security national governments" in Latin America)
Some of the examples of the 20th century have turn to be a fully sample of Raping in the war times. The first example is the "The Rape of Nanking" that during 1937-38 the Japanese soldiers raped more tens of thousands of Chinese girls and women and after the rape they almost mutilated and murdered all of them. In Berlin the Soviet Union soldiers spent weeks, mass raping German girls and women. In 1971 the Pakistani army genocide the Bangladeshi originated people of eastern Pakistan [1] which was followed by raping of 200,000 to 400,000 Bangladeshi women. According to Susan Brown Miller states, the violations committed against Bangladeshi people for the first time attracted the international society's serious attention to the issue of raping women in wars. This somehow happened as the result of the great efforts done by the independent Bangladesh government in showing the sever condition and pains of the Bangladeshi women. It's the consequence of these efforts that today according to the international rights, raping is considered illegal and one of the cases that is a crime against humanity, and the committers of it would go under prosecution. To mention some of the activities of international criminal court in this case is issuing the adjudication of crime against humanity in the massacre of Muslims in Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990, that it was the first time that rape got recognized as a crime against humanity; but there are some other ways of violating the honor of women and girls which are to be considered along with all these sex crimes which are: the women of pleasure, forced prostitution, and sex slavery.

Among these crimes we could consider "women of pleasure" to be much more serious and obvious. This factor has caused a lot of social, cultural, and generation effects in different countries, lands, and wars. For instance, by the beginning of Vietnam [2] War, and its lasting so long, and the entering of the American forces into this war, the most important priority for the American commanders and politicians turned to be the maintaining the soldiers' morality in good condition for remaining in the country and, continue the occupation. Countless crimes, and hard defense and resistance of the Vietnamese forces, lack of an obvious goal for the war, and being so far from the homeland and family, has caused some severe conditions for the American army. The American commanders with the purpose of solving the problem and changing the condition for the American soldiers started holding some specific programs for the soldiers present in Vietnam War, which were some tours to the allied countries of America in the region like Philippine, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. These tours resulted in the expanding of prostitution centers and spreading of prostitution in south East Asian countries. The first target of this destructive plan was Philippine, because of being in a proper location and distance from the war zones were a proper destination for debauchery and having pleasure for the American soldiers, and according to statistics, in 1970s and 80s, thousands of American soldiers were transferred to this country for the purpose of using this prepared situation [3].

This program that turned to became a business for some Filipino people had no result but the spreading of the sexually transmitted diseases like Aids in the Philippine society and the birth of more than 50.000 fatherless children and consequently isolation of women and weakening of the foundation of family.

The situation were the same in Thailand, and this country attracted the attentions to become the second destination of this program in 1957, and in 7 years, the number of forced or voluntarily prostitutes raised to more than 400.000 women which before that it was about 20.000 women.

It was expected this situation to fall, after the end of the war, and the return of soldiers to their countries, but, not only it happened no decrease, but also turned these countries specially Thailand to the sex paradise of wantons in the tourism industry, and made such cultural downfall in this countries that had a great culture and tradition before, that fixing it looks somehow impossible. Yes, this aspect is one of the hidden aspects of authoritarianism of America and other superpowers of the world that it couldn't be compared with the destructions and carnage of the war in anyway, because through such inhuman and immoral policy the future belongs to the superpowers and it remains nothing but the borders and the seas with no identity and development from the nation.

The Islamic world is not an exception in this regard, and it's been years that the Muslim Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani women are exposed to such dangers, and we may be able to reveal the real consequences of such crimes through running an official survey to find trustable statistics of those who are suffering such disaster. Actually, don't we expect to have a generation of brave Muslims and clean and honest mothers? Thus, silence and compromise till when?

As it was mentioned at the beginning of this paper, the sex crimes are considered crimes against humanity, and the committers could go under prosecution, but none of the responsible international organizations, as a considerable stand point against these cultural and humanity crime that are happening with some economical and military purposes, and they have kept a political silence toward this issue.

[1]. Today Bangladesh
[2]. Vietnam war is a collection of military operations between the north Vietnam forces and the liberation front of south Vietnam in one side and the south Vietnam forces and its allies specially America on the other side. The purpose of the north Vietnam forces and the liberation front of south Vietnam was to push out America out of Vietnam and over throw the south Vietnam government and forming a united Vietnam country. All these goals got realized at the end of the war and they resulted in the forming of social republic of Vietnam.
[3] Of course the role of the World Bank is considerable in encouraging the Filipino government and addicting them to their dollars. On the other side, the catholic church of Philippine as the main reference of people had a sensible role in expanding such inauspicious factor in a way that in the hottest war times 7000 Vietnamese women were being abused by the American soldiers.