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Islamic Center of America

The Islamic Center of America is a center that has been dedicated to the education of the general public and the spiritual growth and betterment of its community. The Islamic Center has a rich history of education and community leadership under the guidance of the pioneering Imam Mohamad Jawad Chirri, in the past, and Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini at present. The Islamic Center's success is attributed to the dedication of the community to preserving Islam in North America and their commitment to the education of future generations of Muslims.

History of the Islamic Center of America
The Islamic Center of America is one of North America’s oldest institutions. Established in 1963, the Islamic Center has been serving the needs of Muslims in the greater Detroit area as well as throughout the United States. The Islamic Center of America has a long a rich past that embodies the American Muslim Community's search, struggle and triumph to find a place to belong. The story begins in 1949, when Imam Jawad Chirri, a man who could not speak or understand English came to America at the request of a small group of people who where yearning for Islamic guidance. It culminates as an Islamic Center that has become more than a place of worship but an Institution and a beacon for Islam in North America.

Mission Statement
The purpose for which the Islamic Center of America was formed is to receive, administer and distribute funds to; preserve and teach the religion of Islam; perpetuate the social, moral, and religious standards of Muslims in the United States; teach the Arabic language; educate the American society about Islam and the Arab culture.

Haj Dr. Nassib Fawaz, Chairman
Haj Eddie (Ahmad) Beydoun, 1st Vice Chair
Dr. Mohamad Majed, 2nd Vice Chairman
Haj Salah H. Hazimi, Treasurer
Haj Wiley Pickett, Comptroller
Haj Dr. Abdullah Harp, Corresponding Secretary
Ronald Amen, Recording Secretary

Abbas (Alan) Abbas C.E
Haj Sobhi Abdul Sater
Kassem Allie-Ahmad
Haj Dr. Rida Al-Ansari
HajjAllie Bazzy
Abdel Munem Bazzy
Haj Ibrahim Baydoun
Haj Adnan Chirri
Jamal Dakroub
Haj Haitham Fakih
Haj Ali Harajli
Haj Dr. Walid Harp
Haj Dr. Afif Jawad
Khalil Kadouh
Charles (Chuck) Khalil
Hassan Makled
Haj David Turfe Esq
Haj Noureddine Saab, Ed.D.
JIm Safiedine

Haj Khalil Alawan
Haj Moussa Bazzy
Haj Allie Fayz
Haj Hussein Hamood
Haj Hussein Makled
Haj Sadone Mashike
Haj Chafic Moussa, Building Manager
Haj Nayef Samhat
Haj Nassib Souwiedan
Haj Mohamad Turfe


19500 Ford Road, Dearborn, MI, 48128