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About Us

In the Name of Allah


As the arrogance world leading by Israel and U.S. is determined to dominate over Islamic countries and Muslims, the necessity of Muslim world unity and on the top of it, the Muslim students and scholars, in order to encounter this sinister scheme is becoming more and more important than before.
And the expanding of Islamic awakening in the Muslim countries is a considerable duty on the shoulders of all intellectuals and elites in the Islamic societies.
The future world is the world of the revival of Islamic values and a recall of mankind by Islam. Without any doubt, the most important concern of the world arrogance is the growth of Islam in the recent decades and frustration of their historical efforts to demean nations and loot their resources.
Therefore, coordination and realistic unity of Muslim nations at present, with regard to the problems and crisis of Muslim nations, is the only way to protect their Islamic identity and their interests, and as our esteemed leader (Imam Khamenei) states :" The issue of unity for Muslims is an absolute need, today."
In this era, the role of the elite, because of innovative and complex ways of the enemy is very important and undeniable. The elite can make the people of different societies think and make them aware of Islamic culture and civilization. In this way it would prevent Muslims from fear of foreigners and self-alienation.
Through the dialogs they can have, the elite can highlight the commonalities of the different Islamic cultures and hinder discord and finally they can lead politicians towards creating organizations and structures which boost further to Islamic unity.

Therefore, to do this, the elite themselves should first come up with a joint strategy and give a clear definition of the requirements and necessities of Islamic solidarity so that they would be able to take next steps in approaching the above goals.

The Union of Islamic World Students was established in 2002 at a time that the world arrogance was expanding its domination by attacking our brother countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.). By understanding this need and posing the question that "if the formation of the unified Islamic nation had happened as Imam Khomeini (P.B.H) has proposed, would be the current situation of the Islamic world as this is today?"

To create unity among Muslims, this organization was established and it has since then tried to motivate this movement among university students.

In this regard, as an initial step, it got started with Muslim university students studying in Iran and thanks to the helps of God, today after a decade of serious hard work, by forming social network among the different student formations and NGOs, we have paved the way to approach the goals.



- Realization of the Islamic unified Nation



- Creating unity and solidarity among Muslims

- Expanding and promotion of pure Islam

- Spreading Islamic awareness and reviving the sovereignty of Islamic civilization

- Promoting the culture of resistance and anti-arrogance and anti-oppression

- Reviving the culture of bidding good act and forbidding vileness in the Muslim world.


Some of Done Works:

1- Launching, enhancing and developing the Muslim Students Unity Network (MSUN)

2- Compiling the Practical Treaty of unification of Islamic nation

3- Holding of annual and international gatherings for the unification of Islamic university students in Iran and other Islamic countries

4- Launching, supporting and updating the Rohama website in English, Persian and Arabic

5- Active participation in international gatherings and summits with Islamic themes

6- Relation and cooperation with Islamic organizations inside and outside the country

7- Participation in international Islamic exhibitions

8- Holding Educational courses of Daja

9-Presence in Pakistan and compiling an aid plan for flood-stricken people in Pakistan

10- Holding competitions and cultural programs for Iranian and non-Iranian Muslim students in Iran

11- Publishing the E-journal "Saqeb" in English, Persian and Arabic

12- Establishing the Islamic Unity center in Almostafa University

13- Holding the research center of "Shahid Motahhari".