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Publish Date: 28 December 2009 - 13:58
Anastasia, a Christian girl & a Russian woman, Natasha accepted Islam on the same day, Ashura, Dec 27, 2009.

Anastasia who was a Christian girl accepted  Islam in an Iranian Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey on Sunday, Dec 28.

Rohama reported: She is Turkmen and now is living in Istanbul.

The new-Muslim girl said she has a good feeling for accepting Islam, adding she consciously accepted Islam because she studied Islam and compared it with the other religions and found it superior than the others.

She said that she was interested in learning Islam's principles to practice them.

After accepting to Islam, she married a Muslim Turkish man.

Meanwhile, a Russian woman, Natasha, also accepted Islam on the same day in Khatam al-Anbia Mosque in the Russian capital of Moscow.

She said she accepted Islam after studying it and comparing it with the other religions.

The new Muslim woman who has chosen the name of Zeinab for herself said that she felt good because she accepted a religion that is superior than the other religions.

Zeinab stated that the kindness, sympathy, friendship and unity which are seen among Muslims are not among the followers of other religions.

Source: Irib
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