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In the international system, separation of a country is the clue of weakness and will weaken its position in the international system and will reduce its power and influence.
1. First of all, would you explain the country of Sudan in brief term?
Sudan is a country in northeastern Africa. It is the largest in the African continent and the Islamic World, and tenth largest in the world by area.
It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea to the northeast, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, Kenya and Uganda to the southeast, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest.

The northern areas of Sudan is covered by desert but the southern and western south of the country is covered by tropical and swamp forests.

A 2006 United Nations estimate put the population at about 37 million. Sudan is predominantly Muslim. Over 75% of the population adheres to Islam.

Sudan has 597 tribes that speak over 400 different languages dialects, but there are two distinct major cultures – Arabs with Nubian roots, and non-Arab Sub-Saharans – consisting of hundreds of ethnic and tribal divisions and language groups.
Sudan's official language is Arabic.
2. What are the historical roots of secession in the Sudan?

The historical roots of the secession are related to colonialism and domination of England in Sudan.

At that time based on the ethnic and religious differences in the north and south Sudan, Britain attempted to plant the seeds of discordance among Sudanese.
Even after the independence of Sudan the fight between the North and the South has been emerged.

And the dispute has been continued until now. Also the United States of America has an indispensible role on the disunity in Sudan by imposing unwanted treaty and referendum. 

Israeli intelligence and security agencies have played an important role in strengthen of southern Sudan and expansion of these conflicts.

In our view the most important issue in the creation of separatism is preventing the spread of Islam to other parts of Sudan.

The cultural status and religious identity in Sudan has a very special place which the internal conflicts and weakness of Sudan's government are the main factors to weaken the identity.

3. According to the various discussions and remarks, how do you predict the result of referendum in Sudan?

Of course it is better to use the word of secession instead of referendum.

Because the cruel and unfair conditions which superficially seems legitimate and democratic and has imposed by international organizations, tools of dominant systems.

First, after few months the acceptable range of votes has changed from 75 percent to 50 percent +1.

Second, why should not all people of a country decide about the fate of their country in the referendum? Just the residents of south participate in this project.

However, due to the domestic conditions and the policies of Israel and America, the vote of the South Sudan's people will be positive about the breakdown.

4. If Sudanese vote for Separation, which aftermath will be appeared?

In the international system, separation of a country is the clue of weakness and will weaken its position in the international system and will reduce its power and influence.

In domestic aspect, it will indicate the weakness of government and the inefficiency of government's policies and will cause the reduction of state authority in public opinions.

On the other hand, this issue will increase the possibility of further separation of Sudan because there are other conflicts in this country such as issue of Darfur.
The crisis will increase the possibility of separation of Sudan in the other areas.
5. What will be the effects of Sudan Separation in the Islamic World?

As I said Sudan is an important Islamic country and stands in the front line of ideological, political, social and governmental issues against superpowers.

So, the event will weaken the front line first and then will form a successful pattern for superpowers. 

The bitter defeat should urge the Islamic world to resolve its internal disputes by unity, tact and insight and analyze the various conspiracies of global arrogance in a constant and serious way and consider the problems of each Islamic country as their own problem.
6. Why do the western powers like America stress on this issue and support it?

Generally we can say the economic rates are very high in southern Sudan so that Sudan is called the piece of rock in the sea of oil.
Sudan has a special status in terms of affinity and friendship with the Islamic Revolution in Iran and this is a main factor for enmity between the West and Sudan.

By taking over the part of Sudan, they can bring the major parts of Africa under the domination and pressure, and it is a worthless opportunity for the Western civilization.

7. According to the last efforts of Zionist Regime on the Sudan's disintegration, how Zionist Regime will benefit from the separation in this area?
Due to Sudan's geographical location and crossing the Nile through the southern Sudan, there is a special relationship between Egypt and Sudan.

Thus domination on the southern part of Sudan will impose high pressure on the Egyptian government. In other words, Zionist influence on the southern Sudan is a significant tool to implement their policies in Egypt and Palestine.

The other issue is the expansion of communication and political influence on economic transactions and military influence on Africa including in southern Sudan will be secure the life of Zionist Regime.
By Influence upon Africa, Zionists will achieve two objectives. First, to weaken the Islamic world and to make discord among Islamic countries.
Second, to damage and hurt the area which eagerly supports and follows the thoughts of Imam Khomeini (R.H.).

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