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The Union of Islamic World Students called on Muslims around the world to chant 'Allah-o-Akbar' (God is Great) slogan on Thursday, Feb 10, 2010 in a unified move to voice their solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutionary people.
In the Name of Allah, the Smasher of Oppressors
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Today is the age of collapse of oppressive governors and the extinction of colonial rulers. We praise Allah which put the age as the age of reviving the glory and the life of Islam .

For praising the justice and freedom, admiring the glory and greatness of human beings and for seceding of oppression, the Islmic Ummah will voice its solidarity with the people of Egypt and Tunisia, Yemen and Jordan by chanting the slogan, 'Allah-o-Akbar' (God is Great), from their houses' roofs on Thursday February 10, at 1730 GMT (20:30 Mecca time).
The voice of Allah-o-Akbar is the symbol of Unity among Muslims, the rejection of false powers and the final victory.

Our brothers and sisters in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan will be your upholder in all the levels.
The Union of Islamic World Students
Feb 6, 2011

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asif rabani
ALLAH O AKBAR. its means that Allah is great. there is no one in this world like God. Allah has made the hole world. the every this in this world we see worship the God

Pakistan-asif rabani
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