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Publish Date: 31 July 2011 - 07:31
Ahmad al-Tayyib, the Chancellor of Al-Azhar University of Islamic Sciences in Egypt A senior Egyptian cleric has called for the formation of an Islamic triangle composed of Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, an Iranian official says.

In his first meeting with an Iranian delegation headed by Naser Soudani, Al-Azhar University Chancellor Ahmad al-Tayyib stated that the formation of the Iran-Turkey-Egypt triangle is in the interests of the Muslim world,.

Al-Tayyib, who separately met with a Hezbollah delegation from Lebanon, called for the expansion of Egypt and other Arab countries' relations with Iran and the Lebanese resistance movement.

“I hope relations between Iran and the Arab countries will improve, and the good neighbor policy as well as brotherly ties on the one hand and the fight against the common threat against Muslim nations on the other hand will improve these relations,” the Al-Azhar University chancellor said.

Al-Tayyib pointed out that “Hosni Mubarak, the ousted President of Egypt, asked me several times to issue a fatwa (decree) against Shia Muslims, particularly Hezbollah, but I never agreed.”

Soudani is also to meet with prominent Egyptian figures including Amr Mousa, the former Secretary General of the Arab League and a potential candidate in Egypt's presidential elections this year.

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