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Publish Date: 23 October 2011 - 11:56
The first international Muslim women's print media festival is going to be held in Tehran with cooperation of Union of Islamic World Students and the office of women and family affaires of the Islamic culture and relations organization.

According to Rohama report, the first international Muslim women's print media festival is going to be held with the cooperation of Union of Islamic World Students and the Islamic culture and relations organizations, in the late December in Tehran.

One of the most effective and powerful technological means of today is the right, systematic and purposive use of Media. Media are one of the main isolating and dissociating of west after 9/11, and the more media scholars get large minded and think deeply, it will result in this great implement getting more tempestuous and pervasive.

The Islamic World must basically reconsider the use of media in all levels, and redefine its basic policy and goals, and the main methods of virtually and practically utilizing power.

 In this aggregated and powerful, the women activities, considering them as forces with some special and specific and sometimes unique capacities, will be of great importance. Creativity and innovation, considering different or blind aspects of issues, special and original analysis, their publications and their point of views have made them distinguishable from men's. Identifying women active in the field of publications, which is one of the important media territories, is one of the main necessities, requirements and goals of this festival.

According to the public relations department of Union of Islamic world students, Rohama reported, this festival is to be in three days and of the most important objectives of holding such festival are:

1.       The serious effect of media in the today world and the importance the field of print media in the Islamic world.

2.       Lack of solidarity and wide relationship among authors and publication activists in Islamic world.

3.       Lack of utilizing the high capacity of women in media field (especially in written publications).

4.       The necessity of advertising, representing and expressing the right and original religious and political orders of Islam in today world.

5.       The recent changes and movements of the region and the necessity of right and accurate media covering them in Islamic world.

6.       Lack of networked and engineered activities in media field (especially in the field of print media) in Islamic world.


1.       Identifying written publications that are being published by Muslim women in the Islamic world.

2.       Making relationship with women active in media filed specially in written media.

3.       Creating a connection network among activists and authors in Media and written media in special.

4.       Synergistic connection of relation and high power thought among Muslim women.

5.       Creating united capacity for performing cooperative works, widespread in Islamic world.

Some necessary points:

1.       The number of participants in the international and internal level is 20 persons.

2.        If the number of participants in each level does not meet 20, there could be women participants from other media fields.

3.       The festival would be held for three days and concludes some intellectual programs, and there would be another 3 days for tourism, relationship and recreational programs.

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