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"International Islamic Awakening and Youths Conference" would be held in Tehran on 28, 29 Jan 2012 . All professors, intellectuals, thinkers, and elite youngsters are invited to present scientific and practical papers to enrich the contents of the conference.


Muslim nations awakening and beginning of revolutionary upheavals as well as the emergence of Islamic awakening wave in recent decades especially last year in the region indicate the revival and backtracking of Islamic nations to their forgotten civilization and identification. Thus; the youths as one of the most significant players in safe guarding Islamic and revolutionary nature play a unique role in achieving the goals as well as sustaining the respective changes and preventing from any deviation and influence by global arrogance. Therefore; the secretariat of Islamic Awakening Conference decided to hold "International Islamic Awakening and Youths Conference” in order to clarify the youths role in helping the revolutions to advise their goals. The conference will be held on 28, 29 Jan 2012 and the subjects to be discussed are as following. All professors, intellectuals, thinkers, and elite youngsters are invited to present scientific and practical papers to enrich the contents of the conference.

Conference goals:

1- The revival of principles and implementation of Islamic values and goals on the basis of the holy Quran and Islamic Sharia;

2- The revival of national and Islamic dignity and esteem of Islamic countries;

3- Establishing international Islamic power as well as modern Islamic civilization on the basis of religion, wisdom, science and morality;

4- Providing conductive and interactive opportunities among intellectuals, figures, movements as well as exchanging the experiences among movements;

5- Preventing the arrogant and blasphemous front from interfering and influencing the establishment of modern political system;

6- Presenting the model of Islamic democracy instead of western one;

7- Combating the oppression and unilateralism of global arrogance and international Zionism;

8- Reinforcing the spirit of self-esteem and national self-reliance in accounting psychological and media warfare of arrogant states;

Intellectual theoretical discussions and fundamental framework of Islamic awakening and Youths

1- The role of Islamic and religious teachings in youth awakening and its influences on political upheavals;

2- Why and how the basics of a religious revolution are established?

3- Clarifying and explaining the indices of Islamic awakening authenticity, safeguarding and durability;

4- Specifying the characteristics of islamic democratic state and comparing it with western liberal democratic state as well as clarifying the role of youth in its implementation;

5- Specifying the legitimacy acceptability and efficiency the model of islamic democratic state on the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (PBUH)

Youths role-playing and the factors of Islamic awakening emergence

1- The influence of Islamic Republic of Iran revolution as well as the ideas of Imam Khomeini (PBUH) and Imam Khamenei (The supreme leader of Islamic Revolution) in role-playing of Islamic countries youngsters;

2- The role of Islamic intellectuals and thinkers (Seyed Jamal EghbaleLahoori, Mohammad Abde, Imam Khomeini, AbdolGhaderJazayeri, Omar Mokhtar, Seyed Mohammad Sanoosi, Najmodin Arbakan, Imam Mossa Sadr, Seyed Mohammad Baqer Sadr, Borhanaddin Rabbani, Mohammad Baqer Hakim, Ezoddin Qassam, SaedZaqol,… ) in giving motion to the youth in Islamic awakening week;

3- The role of youths in 22-day and 33-day war in combating the Zionist regime and its influence on the region Islamic awakening;

4- Specifying the position of youngsters in establishing Islamic democratic system.

Pathology (the weak points and threats) of Islamic Awakening wave and Youths

1- Determining and clarifying the global arrogance and international Zionism performance against Islamic awakening (conspiracies, threats and intellectual deviations);

2- Specifying the objectives, motivations and reasons behind the arrogant states in deviating the Islamic movements;

3- Determining the political, cultural teachings (doctrine) and the approaches which global arrogance enjoy in deviating the youths and revolutionaries as well as drawing scheme to combat with them;

4- Determining and clarifying the challenges of Islamic awakening and youths role in encountering and removing them;

5- Specifying the deviating factors of revolutionary expert and committed youths presence in continuation of Islamic awakening wave;

6- Pathology of the reasons behind the delay in victory of revolutionary movements in Islamic awakening wave;

7- Comparative consideration of the reasons behind Islamic countries backwardness and the role of youths in restoring the lost identity;

The youths, perspective and horizons of Islamic awakening in future:

1- Specifying, determining and the way to utilize the intellectual, scientific and practical potentials and capacities of Islamic world youths to revive the greatness of Islamic world;

2- The role of youths in bedding and establishing the Islamic unified Ummah;

3- The role of youths in forming the Islamic civilization on the basis of religion, wisdom, science and morality;

4- The role of youths in achieving cultural dependency and expressing the demands of youngsters from future of Islamic awakening;

5- The necessity of considering the role of youths in sustaining, safeguarding and fruitful future of Islamic awakening;

Islamic revolution, Models, Achievements, Youths and Islamic Awakening wave

1- The role of youth from the emergence of Islam up to now n spreading the noble Islam;

2- Why and how to exchange the approaches and ways and ideas as well as youths revolutionary experience in Islamic awakening;

3- Introducing the young martyrs who are an example and their role in continuation of Islamic awakening movement;

4- Designing the model of Islamic and non-governmental institutions and how to implement for safeguarding the achievements of Islamic awakening;

5- Comparative analysis of youths performance in Islamic awakening and considering the performance of Islamic revolution youths as an example;

Paper characteristics

1- The paper should be at least 10 pages and maximum page of 25;

2- The paper should enjoy coherent scientific structure, topic, abstract, conclusion and recommendations;

3- CVs (age, educational) background should also be sent;

4- The font of papers in Persian and Arabic should be "Nazanin 14” and papers in English should be typed in "Times New Roman 12”;

5- The papers should be typed through MS Word 2007;

6- The selected papers are presented in the conference and distributed through CDs in the conference;

7- Researchers can send their papers in French, Urdu, Turkish, German, Spanish,… while taking the following considerations into account;

Sending Procedures

1- The papers should be sent to the following email:

2- The papers and CDs along with the printed copies should be sent to Islamic awakening permanent secretariat:

ValiAsr Ave, Khorsand Street, No 35, Tehran, Iran

Tell; 0098 21 26217596-7

3- Paper deadline is 23.10.1390 A.H coinciding 13 Jan 2012;

4- Persuasive policies:

4-1- Inviting the owners of selected papers to participate the conference as a VIP guest;

4-2- Inviting the owners of selected papers to present in the specialized commission as well as in the conference;

4-3- Publishing the selected papers in books, magazines and international teasers;

4-4- Presenting incorporeal awards, scientific religious tours to the selected persons;

4-5- Presenting exquisite awards and etc.
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rim tahri
hello i'm an english student from Tunisia i like to participate in this interesting conference but i'am wondering i have to send the papers first and how can i join you in Iran
abdurahman kc
i am very keen to present a paper in your conference
i am studying in darul huda islamic university, india. how will come the owners of selected papers? self expense or in expense of organisers. expecting reply soon
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