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Publish Date: 06 February 2012 - 21:45
French aviation workers have launched a nationwide four-day strike over proposed changes to rules governing labor, forcing flights to be canceled or delayed.
Led by labor unions, aviation workers including pilots, flight attendants and ground staff began a four day walk-out on Monday to protest against a draft law, which requires them to individually give a 48-hour notice before taking strike action.

Unions say the law, introduced by President Nicolas Sarkozy's party, undermines the rights of their workers and therefore demand amendments. The transport ministry however, says it protects passengers’ rights.

The strike, planned to extend through February 9 has forced Air France to scrap some of its flights on Monday. Passengers had to wait until Monday morning to know whether they would be flying.

The new strike comes less than two month after French government was forced to deploy police officers in airports to fill in for on-strike security staff at the time.

France has witnessed protests against the country's economic situation and its growing unemployment rate.

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