News ID: 7824
Publish Date: 17 March 2012 - 13:41
Palestinian captives in occupation jails announced the start of protests in all occupation prisons which they will gradually escalate to culminate in complete disobedience and open-ended hunger strike until all the just demands of the captives are met.

In a statement they issued from prison, the captives said that this step was taken to "reject the policy of solitary confinement against the leaders of the Palestinian people in occupation jails and to respond to the barbaric onslaught by the prison authority."

They also said that they aim by this protest to attain their rights, on top of which the right of Gaza captives to have family visits which they have been denied for six years. They also want and end to the policy of strip searches of the captives and their visiting famlies.
The captives called on the Palestinian people and all free people around the world to support their cause and their legitimate rights.
They ended their statement with: "we either live in dignity or die martyrs.”


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