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Official records suggest a dramatic growth in conversions from Christianity to Islam, in the predominantly Christian European country of Austria.

"We see that people have spiritual longing that they feel there is something missing in their lives, if there is no dimension, no horizon as to the hereafter, or where am I? Why am I here?” Says Mr. Bagajati, an Austrian convert to Islam.

Austria is a predominantly Catholic Christian European country of over eight million people with strong and deep historical roots in Christianity.

Many Christians express that they were disillusioned and had lost their faith in Christianity, and of course the recent recurring sexual scandals of Catholic Church has played a major role in their exodus, which at the end led to many of them convert to Islam, where they could find comfort.

Most non-Muslim, European citizens have always been presented with an ugly and awful image of Islam, linked mainly to extremism and fundamentalism, by the Western culture.

Meanwhile, Ms. Bagajati believes that it is the "perfect time” for Islam to show its "peaceful nature” to non-Muslims, in a time when the United Nations has expressed concerns over growing religious discrimination and violence against religious groups.

Estimations show that almost half a million Austrian Christians have converted to Islam since roughly two years ago, with the numbers of conversions keeping thriving.

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I have had a comprehensive research on the growth of Islam all over the world. It has an unbelievable increase in quality and quantity everywhere.
Hans Huetten
This number of conversion I doubt, the number of Muslims in Austria rise, not because of conversion, but because m,any people from Turkey move here.

But I'd ask these new Muslims this question:
Why should I trust a human, who admitted to have received "Shaitans/Satans/Iblis" words, and mistook them for allahs? Or how could a person visit a NON-EXSISTING Jewish Temple in one night? Or the most holey book, one day of allah is 1.000 and then 50.000 years.
Or the pioson of the flie under one wing and on and on I could go...

No Islam I'd need like one would need AIDS or Herpes.
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