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Publish Date: 18 April 2012 - 09:58
The Iranian Intelligence Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday announcing that it recently foiled several Israeli terrorist plots.

The statement was issued to provide more details about recent operations by Iranian intelligence forces that led to the arrest of 15 Mossad-linked spies and terrorists.

On April 10, the Intelligence Ministry announced that key members of an Israeli terrorist network had been identified and arrested in Iran. At the time, the ministry said that further details about the number of terrorists, their missions, the equipment seized, and the terrorists’ bases of operation could not be released due to security considerations.

But in the statement issued on Tuesday, the Intelligence Ministry said that in one operation, intelligence forces were able to foil an Israeli plot to assassinate an Iranian specialist and arrested all the terrorists involved in the plot.

In another operation, the intelligence forces uncovered a plot to bomb one of the country’s major infrastructure facilities and identified and arrested Mossad-linked elements involved in the terrorist plot.

The statement added that a group of terrorists intended to carry out the terrorist action on February 10, one day before the 22nd of the Iranian calendar month of Bahman (February 11), which is the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, to cast a shadow over the rallies held to commemorate the day.

The Intelligence Ministry also said that an Israeli intelligence base in a neighboring country, which had been frequently used by Mossad to carry out operations against the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, had been identified and the activities conducted at the base had been documented in order to take the measures necessary in this regard.

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