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Publish Date: 07 May 2012 - 11:00
According to Arab diplomatic sources, the Muslim Brothers are subjected to external pressure to withdraw their candidate in favor of Amr Moussa, but the brothers refused to withdraw him and are studying the possibility of substituting him with another Muslim candidate.
It was assured that it is Saudi Arabia and Western countries that are putting pressure are on the Muslim Brothers because the candidate Amr Moussa ensures the implementation of their plans in Egypt.

The source continued, "Everyone knows that Dr. Mohamed Morsi is a weak candidate for presidency and it will be very difficult for him to win. If he lost the elections, the Brotherhood’s position will bi compromised.”

 "Therefore they should support another Muslim candidate which will definitely not be Abu al-Fotouh since he’s supported by the Salafi movement; however, they are considering the Muslim Mohammed Salim Al-Awa, who is very popular in the Brotherhood.

Mohammed Al-Awa is favored to win if he was supported by the Brotherhood and the people of the revolution whom he has strongly supported".

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