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Publish Date: 08 May 2012 - 12:47
The first presidential election after the over thrown of Hosni Mubarak would be held in May 23rd and 24th.
With nomination of some of the individuals connected with Mubarak's Regime, and some of Islamic individuals there has been appeared a new controversial situation in political environment of Egypt, which after that with the decision of the Presidential election committee, some of these individuals got disqualified.

The second phase of the election would be held in June 16th and 17th, 2012.  This is actually the first presidential election that is being held after fall of Mubarak, with participation of many candidates from different liberal, Islamist, and individual political spectrums and parties. After the election and determination of the president by the people, the ruling military council should handle the power to the president.

In coming paragraphs the names of the candidates whether those who have been qualified or those who have been disqualified will be mentioned along with a brief biography of them.
Amr Moussa

He was born in 3rd October 1936 in Cairo, he served the Mubarak's Regime as the forging minister, and after the he became the secretary General of the Arab league, and today is dealing in the Egypt's election as an individual candidate.

Bachelor of Law from Cairo University graduated in 1957.

Started political career in foreign ministry of Egypt in 1958.

The head of international committees in foreign ministry of Egypt.

Foreign minister's consultant.

Ambassador of Egypt to India.

Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations, in 1990.

Foreign minister of Egypt, 1991.

Secretary General of the Arab League, 2001-2011.

The member of supreme council of threatening, changes, peace and security organization related to international organization.

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