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Publish Date: 12 May 2012 - 10:40
Born in 1946, senior commander of Egyptian Air force, minister of Aviation organization.
He was born in 1946, he served Mubarak's regime in different positions as senior commando of Egyptian Air Force, and the minister of Aviation Organization. Mubarak appointed him as the prime minister during the January 2011 revolution.

He is participating as an individual candidate in the coming presidential election in Egypt.


Graduated from aviation university in 1961, working as a pilot in Egyptian Air force, and participating in some attrition warfare and the October war.

Member of the supreme university of war in Paris.

PHD in philosophy.

Working in Egyptian embassy in Paris as a military official.

Chief of Air Force staff.

Senior commando of Egyptian air force for 6 years.

Appointed as the minister of aviation organization of Egypt in 2002.

He was ordered by Hosni Mubarak to establish anew cabinet after the resignation of "Ahmed Nazif" Government during 2011 revolution.

Resigning as the prime minister in 3rd march, 2011.

Married and has 3 daughters.

His father "Mohammad Shafik' was deputy minister of irrigation ministry of Egypt.

His wife "Ezzat Tofiq Abdulfattah" is the daughter of former minister of labor and social affairs.

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