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Publish Date: 18 May 2012 - 11:16
The presence of a religious leader is of paramount importance for continuation and triumph of popular movements, a representative of the Greek Orthodox Church.said.

Bishop Ignatius Stavropoulos also said that without benefiting from the strategies and guidelines provided by religious leaders, these movements will not achieve the desired results.

He said people need a leader to show them the way, adding that religious leaders are representatives and spokespersons for nations voicing their demands.

Bishop Stavropoulos stressed that movements lacking a person as leader face serious problems. "They are like a child who is deprived of informed and compassionate parents.”

He highlighted the role of religion in the Arab world movements, saying religion affects man’s soul and spirit and helps him to correctly understand his world and acquire awareness about his rights.

Asked how much Arab world movements were influenced by the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he said no one can deny the key role of the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini (RA) in the Arab world uprisings.

Bishop Stavropoulos, who is a professor of religious studies in Greece and Serbia, was in Iran earlier this month to attend an international conference on "Religion and Present-day Awakening.”

He stressed the importance of holding such events and said these conferences bring about stronger links between Divine faiths, "encouraging us to promote religious dialogue and take steps to awaken nations.”


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