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The world conference of women and Islamic awakening will be held in Tehran, Iran.
Islamic awakening wave & upheavals occured in geographical area of lslamic world indicate the occurance of  political & ideological events as well as happenings emnated from nobel islamic values and concepts while It's been prevalent among the masses of muslim men & women as a dominant and widespread dialogue.
Thus; muslim women role-playing as one of the Most significant & key players in safeguarding the revolutionary as well as islamic nature play a unique role in achieving & sustaining the respective upleavals and preventing from any deviation and influence by global arrogance.
Imam khomeini (peace be upon him) had a different view toward women. He had a different viewpoints about women, not only he supported their legal rights and morality but also  he put emphasis on  interference of  women in lslamic state regulations. Since the importance of women presence in various politicial,social,.. affairs, they are called the leaders of movement by Imam khomeini.
Therefore, the secretariate of Islamic awakening decided to hold "The world conference of women and Islamic awakening” in order to clarify the women role in helping the revolution to achieve their goals, in 14th and 15th of July 2012 regarding the following subjects.
All professors,intellectuals,thinkers and elite women are invited to present their scientific and practical paper to enrich the contents of the conference.
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Bilkisu Yusuf G Maitaya
Quite intresting, keep it up.
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