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Publish Date: 21 May 2012 - 18:26
The Palestinian community in the Netherlands held, on Saturday, a conference to mark the 64th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba in the capital Amsterdam, with the participation of the former PM of Netherlands, Dries van Agt, and with a large presence of the Palestinian community in solidarity with the Palestinian issue.

The Conference opened with a documentary movie about Nakba and the refugees' conditions. The spokesman for the Conference's organizing institutions, Wim lankamp said in his opening speech: "We are holding the conference, today, after 64 years of Nakba, the displacement of Palestinians and the seizure of their land. We commemorate this anniversary today in Amsterdam, while all Dutch cities are witnessing similar activities reflecting the Nakba day's condition. "

Lankamp stressed on the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland from which they were forcedly displaced, reminding of "the massacres which had been committed by the Zionist occupation against Palestinians since more than six decades, and which continue to this day,". He also pointed out to the suffering of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation's jails, who achieved some of their demands after a hunger strike that lasted about a month.

Meanwhile the former Dutch PM Van Agt, during his speech delivered at the conference, excluded the possibility of reaching any compromise based on the two-state solution between the Palestinians and the Zionist entity, and wondered: "Where is the Palestinian state if Israel controls 98 per cent of its territory."

Van Agt drew attentions to the continued settlements' expansion in the Palestinian territories and to the establishment of the apartheid wall, in addition to "the barriers and the checkpoints manned by the Israeli army to hinder the movement of Palestinians and disrupt their lives". Besides, he referred to the Zionist procedures of displacement, massacres and intimidation which have been committed 64 years ago, and resulted in displacement hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

The former Dutch PM called, during his speech delivered in "Da Bali" hall, to end the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since 6 consecutive years, and to dismantling the apartheid wall, which causes great suffering to the population.

Jaber Suleiman, a Palestinian writer, researcher and activist talked about the Nakba's events and the Palestinian refugee camps and emphasized on the Palestinians' right for return and their determination to achieve it, while Abdelkader Benali, a writer and an activist, talked about his experience in Palestine and the suffering of the Palestinians from the Zionist practices that violate the law.

The conference displayed photos on the Palestinian Nakba and the prisoners' conditions in the occupation's jails, in addition to the Palestinian handicrafts.

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