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Publish Date: 12 June 2012 - 13:00
A video circulated on YouTube showed a Muslim student in America performing prayers before thousands of graduates in a sport stadium where the events of the commencement were held.
Many web surfers liked this video; however, the nationality of the student has not yet been identified. The viewers saw that this Muslim student presented a positive image about Islam and reflected his attachment to its religious teachings and instructions.
Some considered that his act makes one hold his head high, pointing that he is an exemplar who ought to be modeled after and that the Muslim should reveal to the others how concerned, attached and proud about his religion he is, and that is best demonstrated by performing the religious rites during their due time in every place and time.

"Al-Jazeera” Saudi newspaper reported that the graduate delivered a message which says that no matter how busy and preoccupied man was, he ought to perform his prayers on time.

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