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Publish Date: 18 June 2012 - 22:23
Imam Khamenei said Monday humiliations in encounters with our nation must've taught enemies arrogance and unreasonable expectations will lead nowhere in dealing with a patient nation that has learned resistance and unity from Qur’an and gained self-conscience.
In a meeting with senior officials and Tehran-based diplomatic corps on the auspicious occasion of Mab’ath Eid (day of which Prophet Muhammad –P- was appointed as Messenger of Allah), The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamene’ie said that the global powers are working hard to tackle the economic difficulties of the bank owners and the capitalists rather than that of the ordinary people.

The Supreme Leader said that in the past 33 years, the great Iranian nation has been subject to variety of conspiracies of the arrogant powers to tarnish the image of the Islamic Republic of Iran and prevent the model of Iran from flourish in the international community, but, thank God, the entire global arrogance will absolutely get disappointed.

"The enemies of the Islamic Republic must take lesson from their repeated experience of despair vis-à-vis resistance of the Iranian nation to thwart their hostility and must know that their selfish expectations from a great nation who follow the commands of Holy Qur’an will get nowhere,” the Supreme Leader said.

The Supreme Leader began his address on the occasion of the day, the Mab’ath Eid, emphasizing, "Among the countless ropes of light generated from the celestial appointment the human community today is in dire need of two major ones, namely inspiring thoughts and mentality, and purification of ethical values.”

The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution congratulating the blessed occasion to the Islamic system officials, foreign ambassadors, representatives of Islamic countries, and a group of revered family members of the nation’s great martyrs present at the meeting, adding, "The jubilant and fresh approach of the Muslim nations towards Mohamedan Islam shows that the nations have under the light of long term experiences realized that the eastern and western cultures are impotent in materializing the real needs of the mankind and only the teaching of this divine appointment can lead the mankind towards real wellbeing and advancement.”

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene’ie considered the root causes of the problems with which the human society is entangled its great deviation from two major objectives of Prophet Muhammad’s appointment, namely promotion of thinking and purification of self, adding, "Salvation of the mankind from ethical engagements and weaknesses was the greatest objective of prophethood, materializing which would pave the path for solving the nations’ major problems.”

The leader of Islamic Revolution further stressed that revival of the power of rational thinking and contemplation was the other major objective of the Prophets’ appointment, adding, "Today the human society is in dire need of proper thinking, rationalism, contemplation, and finding the root causes of the problems which have surrounded the nations from every side.”

Referring to the death making and obvious oppressive policies of the despotic powers in some regional countries, his eminence added, "In dark viewpoints of the world oppressors, basically the human being has no place, and as we notice in the economic problems with which the western countries are entangled, too, the reigning powers are after solving the problems of the bank owners and the capitalist companies, not those of the peoples.”

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene’ie one more time invited the nations to think over this obvious fact, reiterating, "The root cause for all these problems is the +hegemony of the global oppression system over the world and the existence of the two poles of the oppressors and the oppressed, whose solution is the nations’ exit fro yielding to oppression and their putting an end to passivism.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the ceaseless efforts made by the world oppressors aimed at controlling and deviating the regional revolutions form their right path, adding, "The nations, relaying on their God-given wealth of thinking and rationalism, and their optimism about the definite coming of God’s assistance, should stand firm on their own feet and with resistance against the oppressors, decide their own fates.”

His eminence considered the prestige and might of the great Iranian nation the result of their resistance and Jihadi endeavor, and referring to the collaboration of the oppressor powers aimed at confronting the Islamic Republic, adding, "in the course of the past 33 years our thoughtful nation and dear country have been incessantly exposed to the plots hatched by the world powers, hoping that this live example of resistance and advancement would not become a model in the eyes of the other nations, but by grace of God, the efforts made by the entire oppressors aimed at casting away the Iranian nation form the scene would definitely this time, too, be left null and void.”

Ayatollah Khamene’ie said that coming true of Almighty Allah’s promises is in need to jihadi work, movement, and acceptance of perils, and quoting Qur’anic verses added, "Merely being pious believers does not suffice, as Jihadi endeavor and patience, too, are needed.”

The leader of Islamic Revolution referred to the policies pursued by the enemies of Islam aimed at intimidating the Shi’a and Sunni folks of each other, arguing that Islamic unity and solidarity are dire needs of the Islamic world today.

His eminence seriously criticized those elements that try to sow the seeds of discord among Muslims, adding, "Those who ate totally opposed to Islam and do not recognize the authenticity of either Shi’a, or Sunni schools of thought, in accordance with the demands of the espionage services of the oppressors, express worries about the expansion of Shi’a power, flickering the flames of discord.”

Ayatollah Khamene’ie at the end one more time invited the Muslim nations to think, be united, and resist, expressing hope that under the light of Almighty Allah’s blessings the Islamic Ummah would emerge victorious against the enemies, and the objective of appoint the Prophet of Islam (P) would be entirely materialized.

At the beginning of the meeting in the presence of the IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, the Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, and the Head of Expediency Council Hojjatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, President Ahmadinejad congratulated the eid occasion, adding, "The mankind today is more than ever before in need of divine teachings and the messages of appointment of the last true monotheist Prophet Muhammad ibn-Abdullah (P) as the Messenger of Allah.”

The IRI President referred to the proved incompetence of the materialist powers in meeting the needs of the mankind, arguing, "In accordance with God’s promise, under the light of Jihadi endeavors of the nations, the reign of the oppressors and the Zionists would definitely be wrapped up, and the path would be paved for peace, calmness, wellbeing, and advancement of the human beings.”

The Mab’ath Day is the day for the public announcement of Holy Prophet Muhammad’s Prophetic Mission.

"Certainly the Almighty Allah has conferred a benefit upon the faithful when he appointed among them a prophet from themselves, reciting to them His verses and purifying them, and teaching them the Book and the wisdom, although they were surely in manifest error before that.” (The holy Quran, The Family of Imran, verse 164)

Indeed! Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was appointed to recite the divine verses to the people, to teach them the Book and wisdom, and to rescue them from being mislead like their ancestors. However, not all people responded to his invitation equally:

- A group of people responded very harshly to his call for invitation. They set up wars with him and thus, devoted themselves to permanent chastisement.

- Another group pretended to accept his invitation. Through their false belief, they benefited from the advantages of the Islamic law. This was the group of hypocrites whom had not truly believed in his message, and therefore, they devoted themselves to permanent chastisement.

- A third group believed in his prophetic mission both inwardly with all their hearts and outwardly, but they constantly committed sins. For these there is hope that they will be forgiven by the almighty Allah’s compassion.

- A fourth group accepted the Prophet’s invitation both inwardly and outwardly. They also, however pioneered others in performing righteous deeds and increased their deeds everyday. These are the ones whom the Almighty Allah has given glad tidings to forgive and to place in the heaven, far from any affliction or chastisement, and to replace their sins with multiplied good deeds.

- A fifth group also purified their souls from inadmissible morals and embellished it with good morals. They strived to draw near to the almighty Allah in this way, and He accepted them and elevated their position.

- Some others also achieved pure monotheism by recollection (Dhikr, remembering the almighty Allah all the time), spiritual struggle (with carnal soul), and contemplation-purifying their hearts and souls from everything except the almighty Allah. They went through the way of loving the Allah to the extent that they sacrificed everything except Him for His love. They were enamored of meeting Him, so He accepted them and brought them near, removed the veils from their eyes and showed them His beauty, so that they could see Him not with their eyes, but with their hearts; He placed them besides Prophet Muhammad (P) and His family; they are the preceding ones (Sabiqun), the saints (Moqarraboun), the companions of Prophet Muhammad (P), and the martyrs. What great companions they have!

Of course anyone who knows Prophet Muhammad (P) and realizes the blessing, grace, and goodness of His appointment, regards the Mab’ath day as the day for the public announcement of Prophet Muhammad’s Prophetic Mission-very highly. Accordingly, he would thank Allah highly for this great blessing and he would ask Allah to send peace and blessings (Salawat) on Prophet Muhammad (P) and his family.


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