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Publish Date: 20 June 2012 - 11:02
Afghanistan’s representative at Iran’s 29th International Holy Quran Competition said his country is in need of Islamic Awakening to confront domineering powers.

Mohammad Mahdi Movahed who competes in the international event’s Quran recitation category said that among the countries of the region, Afghanistan more than others has to fight colonialism and injustice. He added that Afghan people’s struggle against domination and colonialism can achieve success only if the Islamic Awakening Tide reaches the country.

"The majority of the regional countries where the Islamic Awakening Tide brought about uprisings, had been under the rule of one tyrant, but Afghanistan is in a much worse situation as it is under the domination of several countries.”

Movahed noted that military forces of the United States, Europe and NATO are present in Afghanistan, oppressing and colonizing the country’s people. "Hence, the people of Afghanistan more than other Muslims of the world are in need of Islamic Awakening in order to achieve liberation from Western countries by resorting to the teachings of the Holy Quran.”

He further underlined that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has been the origin of the Islamic Awakening in the region, adding that all Muslim countries, especially Afghanistan, should learn from Iran’s Islamic Revolution and view Iran as the example of Islamic Awakening.

The 20-year-old Quran reciter further thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for organizing the international Quran competition. He described the level of Iran’s Quran contest as high and said he always wished to attend the event in Iran to assess his mastery over Quran recitation.

Mohammad Mahdi Movahed started learning Quran recitation in Kabul at the age of 6. He was selected to represent Afghanistan in Iran’s International Quran Competition after he came first in a Quran contest held by Kabul Quran Reciters Assembly.

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