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The 29th international competitions on the holy Quran marked its last day in Tehran while the final round of the event was dominated by young contenders.
These Muslim scholars have spent a lifetime studying and practicing the Quran, Muslim’s holy Book. After years of continuous practice they learn the book by heart.
This means that they master the entire Quran and are able to recite the holy Book without missing even a word or a single vowel. Every year scholars from around the world prepare themselves to take part in the most challenging Quran competition in Iran.
The contest is judged by a group of referees that come from different nationalities. They are stationed in a room outside the main hall and contact the contenders via video link.
As masters of Quran themselves one of the judges randomly reads out a few words from the holy book and the contestant must quickly and correctly recite the entire verse or the chapter until he is told to stop.
This year’s competition came to a close as contenders from Iran, Egypt and Bahrain were announced as the winners of the recitation category. The prize for best memorizers of the holy Quran also went to competitors from Iran, Bangladesh and Libya.
Since its first inauguration in 1983 the competition gradually opened its place among Muslim scholars serving as a platform for introducing new faces to the Muslim world in the field of recitation and memorizing the holy Quran.

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Habarugira ahmad from burundi
I'm one of the competate ,i wont to know when i will get the ticket and visa because i won in test of sheikh rabani and he promise me to participate and he took all my address.please tell him!
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