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Publish Date: 26 June 2012 - 13:37
The Palestinian Center for Prisoners' Studies held occupation authorities and prison service fully responsible for the Palestinian female prisoners' lives in Hasharon prison after one of them was subjected to an attack by an Israeli female criminal.

The center information officer, Riad Ashkar, confirmed that an Israeli female criminal attacked the Palestinian teenage girl Alaa Issa Joba from Al-Khalil city, and tried to strangle her.

He warned against the real danger that Palestinian female detainees are facing especially after their transfer, in late March, from section 2 to the Israeli prisoners' section where they are exposed to constant harassment and attacks.

The number of Palestinian female prisoners in occupation prisons has increased in recent times to 8 prisoners, among them only two prisoners detained before the implementation of Al-Ahrar deal, and six others were arrested after the implementation of the first installment of the deal.
Islam Hassan Bashiti, from Al-Khalil 21 years old was arrested on 18 April, was sentenced recently for 4 months and a fine of 7 thousand shekels. Three female prisoners, Lena Jerbony, Dean of the female prisoners, Salwa Hassan, Woroud Qasim, are sick and need medical treatment, but the administration does not provide them with appropriate treatment.
The Zionist entity violates the rights of Palestinian political prisoners on a daily basis. In addition to torture, physical and verbal abuse, repeated attacks and humiliation, Palestinian political prisoners in general and female political prisoners in particular suffer from medical negligence, are denied proper nourishment, their private property destroyed or confiscated, they are tied up for hours under the hot sun or under the rain, are deprived of sleep, isolated, and are forced to pay for the water and electricity they consume.

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