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Publish Date: 04 July 2012 - 10:01
An international forum titled “Women and Islamic Awakening” is set to be held in Tehran next week with the participation of 1200 women activists in different fields

Speaking at the press conference of the forum on July 3, secretary general of the World Assembly for Islamic Awakening Ali Akbar Velayati highlighted the forum as a significant venue for extensive interactions among Muslim women.

He said the first international forum on Islamic Awakening was held in Tehran last year with the presence of Muslim thinkers and scholars from 80 countries in the world.

"We also launched a central consultative council to balance the number of Shia and Sunni scholars participating in the consequent forums,” he added.

Referring to two other related forums titled "The Youth and Islamic Awakening” and "Poets and Islamic Awakening” that were held last year, he said the forum on "Women and Islamic Awakening” is scheduled to be held on July 10-11 in Tehran with the participation of 1200 women thinkers from 80 countries.

"The participants will also pay visits to different areas and centers in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan and other cities two days before and one day after the forum to get more acquainted with the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and see how Iranian women, while observing the Islamic rules and dress codes, are quite active in different social, cultural, political and artistic spheres,” Velayati went on to say.

Also speaking at the conference was Seddiqeh Hejazi, managing director of Family and Women Affairs Office in Culture and Islamic Relations Organization and secretary of the forum, who elaborated on the programs planned for the two-day forum.

Highlighting the undeniable role of women in the Islamic Awakening Tide over the last two years, she added: "There were both national and international incentives that made us organize the forum so that Muslim women active in the awakening tide can sit together and discuss ways of preserving and continuing the Islamic movement.”

She also referred to the forum’s different committees including the scientific and information dissemination ones which have been formed to deal respectively with evaluating the submitted articles and inviting domestic and international journalists to cover the event in the best manner.

"An exhibition showcasing the country’s achievements in different spheres and Iranian women’s cultural and artistic works will also be set up on the sidelines of the forum,” she noted.

The International Forum on Women and Islamic Awakening is set to be held with the participation of 1200 women activists in social, cultural, political and artistic spheres on July 10-11 at Milad Tower, Tehran.


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