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Publish Date: 06 July 2012 - 18:44
Like most of the African countries, Quran learners in the Republic of Mali begin the task of Quran memorization by inscribing the Arabic alphabet on wooden tablets.

Talking to IQNA, Yahya Hassan Sangari, Malian representative in the 29th edition of Iran’s International Quran Competition in memorization category, elaborated on the traditional method of Quran education used in his country, adding: "Quran learners are first required to write and read the Arabic alphabet and later the Quranic words on wooden tablets, then practice reading the Holy book and finally embark on its memorization.”

"Most of the Quran classes in Mali are held in rental houses and those who can afford it hire Quran tutors to teach their children at home.”

He also referred to the classes for Quran interpretation in his country that are held in the language of the local people, adding: "The most frequently-used exegesis used in Mali is Al-Sawi (an important Sunni exegesis) as it is available to the Quran learners in all Quranic schools and gatherings.”

Highlighting the necessity of employing modern technologies in the process of Quran education in African countries, he noted: "There is a great need for using technological methods in Mali, as traditional methods for Quran recitation and memorization are still preferred.”

"It is also essential for Quran learners to imitate the recitation or memorization styles of eminent Quran reciters and memorizers or make use of different narrative techniques.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sangari referred to the significant role of Quranic centers in encouraging students to recite and memorize the Holy Quran, adding: "Mali is a poor African country and its people, though very much interested in learning the Holy Book, are not financially capable of doing so; therefore, Quranic centers are expected to support Quran activists and facilitate the task of Quran education for them.”

"Skilled Quranic teachers who have mastery over the rules of memorization and Tajweed can also play a crucial role in speeding up the process of memorization and training proficient reciters,” he further noted.

Located in West Africa in the south of Sahara, the Republic of Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world with a population of over 15 million. The southwestern city of Bamako is the capital of the country which is home to 10% of the total population.

There are 10 languages spoken by different people in the country but the official one is French.


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