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Publish Date: 07 July 2012 - 11:11
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Russia and China over their support for Syria, saying they “will pay a price” for their actions.
During a so-called "Friends of the Syrian People" meeting in Paris on Friday, Clinton launched a scathing attack on Moscow and Beijing and called for pressure against both nations to drop their support for Damascus. 

Russia and China had boycotted the latest "Friends of the Syrian People" meeting as one-sided. 

There has been an interview with Sara Flounders, the co-director of the International Action Center, from Los Angeles, to further discuss the issue. The following is a rough transcription of the interview. 

Q: Why do you think Russia and China boycotted the Paris meeting? 

Flounders: Well, this was really a meeting of the enemies of Syria. There’s absolutely no doubt. There was no discussion. Also, Syria was not a part of it nor was Syria a part of the discussions in Geneva on Syria’s future. 

This is an orchestrated effort led by Washington to absolutely pull down the Syrian government as a whole, to impose a regime change and to use paid mercenaries, a very high level of military equipment, all forms of sabotage, armed thugs - and they certainly are armed thugs as the previous supporter of these armed thugs even admitted - using every means to build chaos and dislocation within Syria. 

It’s also not the armed groups alone. The US imposition of sanctions on Syria, on a seizure of Syrian assets - that’s piracy and theft - of the imposition coming from the Arab League who are really the corrupt feudal monarchies of the [Persian] Gulf states. 

Everyone of these efforts coming from the European Union, from the US and from the Arab League to shutdown the Syrian economy, to destabilize and then to send in these armed groups, who are very well financed and armed, and they’re not just overwhelmingly, many of them even Syrians, are mercenaries who also fought in Libya, who fought in other countries. These are really paid, hired soldiers-of-fortune that are sent in as part of an orchestrated regime change. 

The idea that Hillary Clinton can then also threaten Russia and China for daring stand against this completely illegal brigandage that’s going on, and saying that Russia and China should pay the price - that’s wording that’s even outside the scale of international diplomacy. 

Outrageous, insulting but it shows the desperation of Washington. 

Q: What does she mean by that? She said it once, she said it twice, she said it three times. It almost looks like this is taken to another level, maybe? 

Flounders: It certainly is. It’s threatening wider war in the region at the very time that a great deal of both outside weapons are being pumped in, at the very time when US aircraft carriers, destroyers, jet aircraft, helicopters are flooding into both the area just off of Syria and also into the Persian Gulf. It is a military escalation of a very unprecedented and dangerous level. 

Q: Let Sara Flounder respond to [the previous guest speaker]. 

Flounders: This is just outrageous lies and complete fabrications. These are not unarmed demonstrators. There’s an opposition in Syria, yes, as there is in every country. 

But the armed bands that have destroyed cities, that have the death squads that have operated throughout Syria, the mercenaries forces that are operating in Syria today, [are] well paid by outside imperialist forces. 

What the US wants in Syria is what they did in Iraq, what they did in Afghanistan, what they did in Libya which is a complete massive destruction. 

Anyone who says and sides with this intervention is truly a complete and total traitor to their own people, a traitor to their own people, and that is what’s important to recognize. Anyone who sides with the US in this destruction in Syria is a traitor to the Syrian people. 

Q: Our guest there said that Russia is losing influence in the Middle East. Isn’t it the other way around, that some have said it’s the US that’s losing its footing in the Middle East and that’s why Syria is part of their game plan? If you can respond to that. 

Flounders: Yes, this is an absolutely desperate effort and you can see the desperation of Hillary Clinton making all manner of threats against Russia and China, if they don’t go along with regime change. 

It’s important to recognize that the US strategic aims to control and dominate Iraq, utterly failed. They have a disastrous situation in Afghanistan and they’ve left complete chaos in Libya. Everywhere that they have tried through military means to just upset, root out, pull apart an existing government only chaos has followed. 

Their aims to recolonize the region, because that’s really what they’re attempting, have completely failed in any strategic form. 

They can create great chaos, enormous pain for the population, for the whole area. In Iraq, a third of the population ended up dead, dismembered or dislocated. That’s staggering figures. That’s really a genocide against the whole people. 

And their desperation, yet, they could not stay in Iraq. The Iraqi people made that clear. 

So in their desperation, they’ve moved onto Syria, arming bands, creating all manner of complete chaos. 

There’s an opposition in Syria, of course, that’s without a doubt, but an opposition which was organizing demonstrations, that had made demands. 

But these armed groups are not an independent Syrian opposition. They are a creation of Washington and the imperialist forces. They show the waning, the inability to control the region. 

It’s the people on the ground, the Syrian people who have every right to control their fate. They’re kept out of these debates and discussions, totally excluded, while Washington makes the demands. That will not make history. 

The demand that every country in the world salute, that they follow the US demands for sanctions whether on Syria or on Iran or other countries is completely…

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