News ID: 8765
Publish Date: 11 July 2012 - 19:04
15 Palestinians including three children were killed and 75 others including 16 children and five women were wounded during Israeli military attacks on the Gaza Strip in last June, according to a report by Al-Mizan center for human rights.

The report covered Israel's violation of human rights and the international humanitarian law in Gaza and contained documented facts, statistics and tables.

The report examines Israel's escalation of its military aggression against the civilian population in Gaza including its armed violence against fishermen, and its use of excessive and deadly force without any regard for international principles especially with regard to the rules of military necessity and proportionality.

The human rights center also stated that the Israeli army, during the reporting month, demolished four houses entirely, damaged 51 others partially, destroyed one water well and flattened 11, 200 square meters of agricultural lands in addition to inflicting considerable damage on two farms for poultry and sheep, three industrial workshop and other facilities.

These incidents took place during Israeli military attacks on populated areas and incursions into Gaza border areas.

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