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Publish Date: 13 July 2012 - 17:38
Union of Islamic World Students declared its statements about the recent changes of the region, specially the Muslim country of Egypt.

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

انّماالمؤمِنون الّذین امنوا باللّه و رسوله ثمّ لم یرتابوا و جاهدوا باموالِهِم و انفسَهَم فی سبیلَ اللّه اولئَک هم الصّادقون

They alone are believers who come to believe in God and His Apostle, then never doubt again, and struggle wealth and soul in the way of God. They are the truthful and sincere.

Today, after years of dictatorship of pharaohs like Hosni Mubarak and Bin Ali, the seed of Islamic revolution in Tunisia and Egypt is turning to a young seedling by irrigation with martyrs' blood in the region, and Insha-Allah (God willing) with the help of God and the national willing, such seedling will turn to a great fertile And robust tree with strong roots in the region with a wide canopy on all the nations of the world, and it wouldn’t be so far that we would witness such victories’ in all the awake, right and justice-Seeking countries , and this is the God's promise …

Through the time and with the evolution of the approaching of revolutions, some of the main features of this rises attracted the attention of everyone from politicians to expert:

1. The nature of the rises

2. Discourse analysis

3. Effective forces and organizations

4. Its means and grounds

5. Effects and consequences

With the approaching of the revolution in these features, a common factor becomes much more significant, and day by day turns more and more to a main analytical factor in expressing and analyzing the paths of these rises and revolutions, this common factor is nothing but Islam, and dictator governments similar to the overthrown Mubarak Government should know that America, Israel, and the alike regimes do not have any public support and international legitimacy, and today after repeated shameful defeats in the Islamic world, are getting more and more weaker and despicable, and the strong power of the will of the Muslim nations will cut their unwelcomed breathing lines with help of God. Today after more than 20 months since the beginning of the public movements in the Islamic countries under dictatorship of dictators like Bin Ali, Mubarak, Qaddafi, Hamad Bin Al-Khalifa, etc. we could make some certain judgments About some parts of these movements, and consider these movements as a turn back to the original Islamic identity and ideals in these Islamic countries. Today, as the result of the peoples' standing and resistance, the first part of this Islamic project has been established and completed which its is the political awakening of peoples in Egypt and Tunisia that despite all the pressures and efforts by the enemies, they successfully performed a public election and elected individuals with Islamic and democratic approach.

But the experiences and struggles by heroes like imam Khomeini, Imam Hassan Al-Banna, Omar Mukhtar, Seyed Ghotb and other great individuals of this field of battle and politics teaches us to consider double approach toward these successes and victories: on one side consider these victories, helps and honoring by the almighty and do our best to thank this great honoring of God by doing our very best efforts to serve the people, and on the other hand, not becoming proud of these victories, because in the path approaching toward right there is always struggle between the right and the wrong and its continuous, in addition, we are still in the beginning of the way.

In the following of the context, mentioning some points seems quite necessary:

1. Remember that we are still at the beginning of our path and we have to remain resistant and faithful to the ideals and goals of the Islamic revolution until fully realizing them, and through observing the conspiracies by enemies, insight and awareness, enhancing unity and solidarity, and comprehensive analysis with an all-sided insight from enemies conspiracies, prevent any deviation in the course of the revolution, and in all over the world, support any movements for freedom and anti-arrogance activities and be the helper and sympathizer of each others in this great effort.

2. All the Muslims around the world, especially the great right-seeking Muslims of Egypt, like the body of a united nation, more than ever, should continue their Anti-Arrogance and Anti-Colonizing efforts and movements, and do not stop until fully realization of the ideals and goals of the suppressed nations of the region specially the rights of great nation of Palestine, because Egypt has a great role in the issues of other Islamic and Arab countries.

3. The Union of Islamic World Students once again congratulates the victory of the Islamic parties in elections of Tunisia and Egypt, and honors these victories as the result of great efforts by all the Islamic parties and martyrs of the revolution, and in a brotherly demand we ask the presidents of the newly established governments of Egypt and Tunisia to do their very best efforts to visualize Islamic goals and purposes and put the demands of their people as the higher priority in dealing with demands of other countries and super powers.

In conclusion Union of Islamic World Students with respecting the great soul of revolution martyrs in Egypt and with hope for prosperity of the great Egyptian nation under the light of people’s presence in the political and social fields, we ask the almighty prosperity for all Islamic nations, specially the honorable nation of Egypt.

((و لقد کتبنا فی الزّبور مَن بعد الذّکر إن الارض یرثَها عَبادی الصّالَحون))

We had prescribed in the Book of Psalms after the reminder and admonition, that those of Our creatures who are good will in the end rule the earth.

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