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Publish Date: 23 July 2012 - 11:05
Instead of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan - that woman is on a hunger strike. And this - in front of the headquarters of an EU country’s Prime Minister.
Elka was fired from the State Agency for Technical Supervision in Metallurgy. The National Commission for Protection against Discrimination has proved this was an "illegitimate” act.

But times have changed and different types of city councilors are in the spotlight now.

Poor and hungry people have indeed flooded the streets- but those are Bulgarian citizens, not migrants. We found some of them in front of the city Mosque - begging for charity, as Ramadan unfolds itself.

You can see here that Sofia Grand Mosque is bearing the scars of the long years of intensive use, as it remains the only Mosque in Bulgaria’s capital. But also - the scars of a recent earthquake.

And yet, Muslims enter with humility- putting their health at risk. This member of Sofia municipality’s Permanent Commission for Security and Public Order, however, says no additional place of worship would be permitted.

But why wouldn’t they, since Bulgaria has a total of 1500 Mosques - or 1/5 of all Muslim places of worship in Europe? This remains to be explained - but through "reason”, not "emotions”… Also "unknown” remains why no state officials attended the funeral of the only Bulgarian victim of a recent tourist attack - the bus driver, who was a local Muslim.

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