News ID: 8862
Publish Date: 25 July 2012 - 10:12
A political detainee in Dry Dock Prison is facing a serious danger to his life due to his deteriorating health situation.
The detainee has suffered from severe bleeding as a result of his injuries and hasbeen denied proper treatment. Reports confirmed that he has been taken to anon-specialised clinic, but the level of his injuries requires treatment in ahospital.

Other reports from the prison confirm thatdetainees have been exposed to mistreatment along with a low level of hygieneand sub-standard food.
This is of particular concern for those imprisoned sincethe beginning of the holy month of Ramadan who are fasting in a bad environmentwith improper feeding and a prison administration that ignores the need forbasic hygiene.
The poor conditions exist despite a number ofprisoners demanding an improvement in their prison environment.

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