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Publish Date: 03 August 2012 - 12:55
The enemies have placed many challenges before the Muslim Ummah and that makes it necessary for organizing religious sand Quranic activities like the international Holy Quran Competition for Muslim Students.

This is according to Ziyadullah Rahman Qulev the representative of Tatarstan in the recitation category of the 4th International Quran Competition for Muslim Students, who also old IQNA that the contest is a venue for showcasing unity and solidarity in the Muslim Ummah.

Young students from across the world gather in the competition like a single family and display their Quranic talents, he said.

Tatarstan’s representative said such Quranic events also help to foil the enemies’ schemes against the Muslim world.

He said Quranic activities, such as this contest, encourage everyone, especially the youth, to take steps to implement Quranic teachings in their lives.

Rahman Qulev pointed to the presence of top Quran experts from different countries in the competition’s jury panel, saying that the jury members assess the performance of the contenders justly and accurately.

The Quran reciter thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for organizing the event and expressed hope that it will be held annually in the future.

He further referred to his Quranic background and said he took part in international Quran contests in Moscow and Qazan, winning the second position in the latter.



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