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Publish Date: 03 August 2012 - 23:05
An interview with Shamsuddin Bolatito;
The situation in Sudan is relatively peaceful, though, there is minor protests in Omdurman, at twin city to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan over austerity measures.
1- Would you introduce yourself, please?
I am Shamsuddin Bolatito, a Master student at Sudan International University in the field of MBA-Human Resources Management. I am the founder, former project director and ex-project secretary of International Muslim Youth Development Project, Sudan (IMYDP). I am a Nigerian by nationality in Sudan for Studies.

I had 1st degree in Political Science at the University of Juba, South-Sudan and present in Sudan at the above mentioned University.

2- How is the situation in Sudan? Please, briefly explain about Ramadan in Sudan and your customs?

The situation in Sudan is relatively peaceful, though, there is minor protests in Omdurman, at twin city to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan over austerity measures which as a result of increases in basic commodities, Petrol, increase in transport fare and so forth.

Ramadhan in Sudan started on Friday the 20th of July, 2012 inline with the prophetic tradition of citing the moon. Few homes do prepare pre-dawn meal (sahur) which is taken to keep the body fit for the fasting of the day while there are people who drum at around 3.00am in the early morning hour to wake people up for Tahajjud and other ritual practices.

At break of the fast time in the evening (after sunset) which is around 7.20pm presently in Sudan, household bring out their meals to the road side to eat in group and also inviting passer-bye to join them in breaking their fast.

At Isha time, the solat is observed which is later followed by Tarawwih.

3- How is the relation between Sudan and south Sudan?

The relationship is relative peaceful but there are still area of contention regarding boarders and oil wealth sharing.

4- What is the reason of south Sudan's tendency toward the West and Zionist regime?

The south Sudan tendency toward west and Zionist regime is always supportive as they are proving humanitarian aides and supportive measures in all ramifications.

5- What have been the most important activities of your organization in the case of famine in Somalia?

Our Organization does not have the financial wither to fund such a magnificent project.

6- What is your opinion about Islamic Awakening? What has your organization done about that?

Our organization did hold seminar, workshop, training in leadership and capacity building among others as means of Islamic awakening.

7- What did you do for denouncing massacre of the oppressed Muslim in Myanmar?

We hold a briefing on educative means as sensitization for African students about the genocide in Myanmar under the titled; Myanmar Muslims under state genocide, for Asia youth conference on the plight of Mulisms in Mymar.

8- In your opinion, what is the reason of this violent crime?

A dispute between Buddhism and Muslim over the attack on a Muslim female.

9- What is your suggestion in order to preventing such genocide?

1-launching a media campaign

2- world press conference

3- a Letter to the United Nation General Assembly and Security Council

4- A facebook page and distribution of pamphlets about them

10- Finally, if you want to say something more

Thanks for hearing from me.

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